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    How to restore a period property without losing its charm

    You need to be careful to preserve the character of a period property. Here are some tips to keep your home in good nick.

    How to spring clean your interior design

    Spring cleaning is about getting a fresh perspective and lease on life. Here’s how interior design can help you feel new.

    How to do a weekend home makeover

    Renovation doesn’t have to difficult or expensive. Here are some DIY home makeover ideas that anyone can do in just a weekend.

    Allergy-friendly interior design

    Did you know almost 20% of the population has some form of allergy? Here are some allergy-friendly interior design tips that can help you breathe more clearly.

    Our favourite eco-friendly interior choices

    Sustainable options are often better made, which saves money in the long term! Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly interior choices.

    Keep your interior styling fresh after we’ve left

    A good interior designer styles your home so it stays classic. Still, we are all partial to a change of scenery. Here’s how to keep interior styling fresh.

    Can you fake natural light? We think so!

    Poor natural light is often a dealbreaker. Nobody wants to live in a cave, after all. Fake natural light with these illuminating tips!

    How to style: a shelf

    An open shelf represents an open opportunity to make a style statement in your home. But where do you start? Here are some of our best tips.

    5 DIY home ideas that are free (but feel expensive)

    We’re big believers that expensive doesn’t always mean better – you can achieve luxury on any budget.

    The rule of three in interior design

    It takes a practiced eye to achieve perfectly imperfect asymmetry. But here’s how to make the rule of three work for your interior styling.

    How to style: a coffee table

    The way you style your coffee table can set the tone for the rest of the living room. Here are just a few foolproof ideas…

    How to style: a man cave

    The stereotype of a messy, tacky man cave is a bit unfair. Here’s how to make a space that’s your own and looks stylish, too.

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