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    28 July 2023

    Downsizing? Here are a few space saving hacks…

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    ​​So, it seems like downsizing homes is all the rage these days. Whether it’s because of crazy-high rents or families wanting easier maintenance, there is a rise in demand for smaller apartments.

    We have got some great suggestions to help make your space feel spacious and comfy instead of cluttered and stuffy.

    Now, just because you’ve got a smaller living space, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice furniture. I mean, where would you put all your stuff? Let’s discover a few styling hacks that’ll help you make the most of your home and conquer those space and storage issues. Here goes…

    Small space = shallow depth sofa is the best option!

    When it comes to shopping for a sofa, there are a few important things to think about before making that final decision – like style, colour, and size.

    And let’s face it, size really does matter.

    When choosing a sofa, the space you have plays a big role in your decision-making process. It will determine what kind of sofa you can actually bring home. If you’re short on space, it’s crucial to find a sofa that won’t overpower your interior.

    Sure, a deep-seated sofa might look super cosy, but it might be a little too big for your space. In that case, a smaller sofa might be the way to go.

    So, STEP ONE is to understand the depth of the sofa. A shallow depth doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a thin sofa! It simply means the cushions are not as deep, focusing more on the width. Shallow sofas won’t make you sink in like a deep-seated one would. Instead, you’ll be sitting a bit more upright.

    When it comes down to it, if you’re looking for the perfect sofa and have limited space, a shallow depth sofa can be a stylish, comfy solution.

    STEP TWO, Have one colour story flowing through your home or go the colour blocking way!

    Whether you’re a fan of one colour or love the idea of colour blocking, we’ve got the perfect solution for your space.

    Want your space to appear bigger and less cluttered? Incorporate a continuous colour scheme throughout, using colours of similar hues and tones. It’s a smart trick that’ll make your place look more spacious and stylish.

    And if you’re looking to carve out different rooms in your home, colour blocking is your secret weapon. Instead of using room dividers that cramp your style, why not use colour to define different living areas? It’s a clever way to maximise space and keep the flow going. Say goodbye to visual restrictions and hello to a more open and inviting space.

    STEP THREE, Literally Mirror, mirror on the wall!

    One of the most well-known interior design hacks is to incorporate a mirror to make a space look bigger or more open! But of course, we don’t want to turn your home into a mirror maze, just a little different than usual. Why not try installing a full-length mirror on one side of the wall? It can be your secret path to adding depth and making the room feel more spacious. Plus, it emphasises the height of the room, making it look even taller than it actually is. Give it a go and see the magic unfold..

    STEP FOUR, plants, they’re always the stars of the show, right?

    We all know how much plants bring value to any space.

    They breathe life into a space (literally), adding dimension and visual interest (just look at that Bonsai or a cactus!). Trust us, there’s no such thing as too many plants. They are natural beauties that effortlessly enhance the aesthetics and seamlessly adapt to any space flow.

    STEP FIVE, and lucky last, how about furniture that multitasks or has secret storage compartments?

    It’s not only the warm hues and ample natural light that make home spaces  feel much bigger; it’s also the clever use of storage solutions for all those extra items. You can stash them away in under-bench sectional boxes or neatly stack them in baskets under tables. Remember the iconic apothecary coffee table from Pottery Barn featured in FRIENDS? It has storage space underneath, keeping things simple.

    Oh, and let’s not forget about furniture that serves multiple purposes too! Take the coffee table, for instance. It can go from a regular height to a proper dining room table height, accommodating up to four guests. No need for a separate eating nook or excessive furniture pieces. And for accommodating guests, why not have a sofa that doubles as a bed instead of having a separate one?


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