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    Transform your home’s interiors with 12 months interest-free repayments

    Although interior styling is often less expensive than people expect, it’s still an investment. With this in mind, we offer the flexibility to Pay Later.

    8 things that instantly turn off homebuyers

    It may feel like home to you, but there are some things about your humble abode that will make home buyers take pause. When we say these things could make your potential buyers literally run out the door, we mean it. Here’s what you’ll need to avoid if you want to get offers on the […]

    6 things prospective homebuyers actually want

    Selling your home? Don’t go into it blindly. Here’s what prospective homebuyers want in 2022.

    Pay Later for furniture packages, with 12 months interest-free

    Curated furniture packages sometimes need financial flexibility. We’re excited to announce a new interest-free payment option for Styled to Keep!

    How much does a home stylist cost in Sydney?

    If you’re considering hiring a home stylist for your Sydney property, don’t be afraid of the cost – it could be much more affordable than you think.

    Dream Big with Pay Later

    We’re giving Homesellers and Homeowners new payment options, offering up to $50,000 with zero interest and no upfront payments. Find out more!

    10 top interior styling myths, busted

    We’ve got into mythbuster mode and have decided to pick apart 10 of the interior styling myths we hear most often. Do any of these surprise you?

    Property viewing checklist: don’t open your home to buyers unless you’ve done this

    If it’s your first time selling a property, you might be feeling a little unprepared for what’s to come. But no worries – with this handy property viewing checklist, you’ll be ready to win over potential buyers.

    5 things homebuyers don’t want to see

    Homebuyers have a knack for finding flaws. Here are five tips for fixing common issues before the inspection date to maximise your selling price.

    Do houses sell better furnished or unfurnished?

    It’s a highly debated topic: do houses sell better furnished or unfurnished? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons and find the solution for a better sale.

    Does property styling make a difference to your sale?

    Sell faster, for more, with minimal stress – it’s all possible with professional property styling.

    Which interior design style is best for selling your home?

    When it comes to picking an interior design style for selling your home, the options really are endless. So which direction should you take?

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