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    Strathfield Success

    In a challenging real estate market, success stories like this provide a beacon of hope and confidence for buyers. Our recent Property Styling project at 21 Howard St, Strathfield, showcases the transformative power of Property Styling in achieving exceptional sales outcomes. This stunning five-bedroom, four-bathroom home included a curved glass lift, a six-car garage, a […]

    Navigating Sydney’s Real Estate Trends in Styling: Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

    Stay ahead in Sydney’s real estate market with these tips.

    Elevating Build-to-Rent with Innovative Interior Decoration & Furniture Solutions

    With over a decade of experience, we are helping to shape Australia’s Build-to-Rent sector by providing bespoke furniture and styling solutions that redefine luxury living.

    The Psychology of Home Buying: How Emotions Influence Purchases

    Understand the psychology of home buying and the connection between emotion and decisions.

    Navigating Sydney’s Real Estate Trends in Styling: Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market

    Stay ahead in Sydney’s real estate market with these tips.

    Four Reasons You Should Prepare a Property for Sale

    Well, let’s begin by acknowledging that this article is an obvious one for us. We’ve also done some homework which suggests that the market is becoming more competitive. That’s why we truly do recommend the following tips to ensure your property not only sells in a challenging market but does so for a good price. 

    Striking the Balance: Five ways agents can navigate the fine line between optimism and openness

    There is a delicate balancing act navigating the fine line between energy and enthusiasm, as well as truthfulness, transparency, and trust with potential buyers. Here are some tips we thought might help you build relationships that achieve positivity and honesty.

    Why “Not Selling” is the Best Selling Approach when it comes to Property Sales

    A new trend is emerging in property sales, and ironically, it’s all about real estate agents taking a “Not Selling” approach to the process!

    What’s really going on in Sydney’s Real Estate Scene…..

    Well, it’s not just foreign investment and the pandemic that are affecting the Sydney housing market. Let’s not forget about the good old supply and demand equation. The truth is, demand for property in this city has always been high, and supply has struggled to keep up. Developers can only build so fast, and with strict zoning regulations in place, it’s not always easy to find suitable land for new builds. It’s a complex issue, but one thing’s for sure, Sydney-siders are still willing to pay top dollar for a slice of this beautiful city.

    Master Bedroom Ideas to Impress Potential Buyers

    From lighting to luxurious linens, these four master bedroom ideas will elevate your sleeping space and transform it from basic to beautiful.

    Uncovering the method of applying our residential DNA to the commercial landscape

    At Bowerbird, we don’t just design spaces, we tell stories. We understand that every property has a unique personality, and we work meticulously to bring that to life through our beautiful designs. From residential homes to commercial spaces, we have the expertise to create beautiful spaces that inspire creativity and productivity.

    Bowerbird Interiors have become the secret weapon in the commercial landscape.

     Bowerbird Interiors provides invaluable assets in the world of commercial property development. Learn how our unique interior styling and data-driven approach helps clients to stand out in a crowded real estate market. Explore this article to find out more!

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