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    5 things homebuyers don’t want to see

    Homebuyers have a knack for finding flaws. Here are five tips for fixing common issues before the inspection date to maximise your selling price.

    5 things prospective homebuyers actually want

    Selling your home? Don’t go into it blindly. Here’s what prospective homebuyers want in 2021.

    10 top interior styling myths, busted

    We’ve got into mythbuster mode and have decided to pick apart 10 of the interior styling myths we hear most often. Do any of these surprise you?

    6 tips for selling your home in Australia

    If you’re selling your home, you don’t want to miss any opportunity to make the most of it. These tips can help your property sell faster, for more with the option to PAY LATER over 6 months, interest-free.

    Pay Later: No interest. None. Not ever.

    We’re giving Homesellers and Homeowners new payment options, offering up to $50,000 with zero interest and no upfront payments. Find out more!

    How many contracts does it take to fix a home?

    You’ll need to sort out several different contracts for a home transformation. Here’s a list of services you may need to budget for.

    What home improvements should be done before selling?

    Selling a property is costly without factoring in home improvements. Which ones are worth the investment, and which ones are just money down the drain?

    One spare room, styled FIVE ways

    If you have a spare room, the only limit is your imagination. Don’t believe us? Here are five different ways we transformed one spare room.

    Love at first sight: how to make homebuyers fall in love

    Make no mistake – the right property styling is what compels homebuyers to put in an offer quickly. Find out how to make your property shine in its best light.

    The ultimate guide for first-time Homesellers

    From finding an agent to last-minute renovations, there’s a lot for first-time Homesellers to juggle. We’re here to help with a little go-to guide.

    How much does a home stylist cost in Sydney?

    If you’re considering hiring a home stylist for your Sydney property, don’t be afraid of the cost – it could be much more affordable than you think.

    Can you predict how fast your home will sell?

    While it’s impossible to predict exactly when your home will sell, we all want to sell faster and higher. Luckily, you can help that happen.

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