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Change your home, change your life

One way to change your life is simply changing your home. Your surroundings reflect your goals! Here’s how to change your home and your life for the better.

5 pieces of home decor you can buy on a budget

You don’t always have to spend top dollar on your interior styling. Check out this list of cheap home decor you can buy that still look good.

Need proof property styling works? Here are 5 real-life examples

We’ve styled more than 2000 properties with a 95% success rate of return on investment. So we have plenty of evidence that property styling is worth it!

How to get that Aussie interior style

Move over French provincial, Scandi chic and American classic. Australian interiors are the perfect blend of simple, relaxed and quirky modernity.

Calling all interior stylists

Love our Instagram? Can’t get enough of our interiors? Want to get involved in creating beautiful spaces? We have just the thing.

We’re on the lookout for talented and creative stylists who love nothing more than getting stuck into a home and bringing it to life.

How to choose paint colour for your home

Choosing a paint colour for your home is a decision you want to get right. It’s a decision that can have disastrous consequences if you get it wrong.

6 decor mistakes that will cheapen your home

Curious to know if you’re making the right choices when it comes to your interiors? Here are the most common styling mistakes that instantly cheapen your home and how to avoid them.

3 ways with… decorative mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the cleverest styling trick of them all? Decorative mirrors level-up your home’s aesthetic. Here’s how to style them.

The latest property styling statistics you need to know

The value of property styling is proven! Know the latest property styling statistics – how to sell (and style) your home with return on investment.

Wallpaper or paint? Here are the pros and cons

We all have our opinions on the old “wallpaper or paint” debate. But, objectively, which is better for your home? We’ve explored the pros and cons.

7 fall decor ideas you’ll fall for

Love an autumnal aesthetic? We’ve rounded up our favourite tasteful fall decor ideas – and they’re so charming that you can style them all year round.

How to style for the next week, year and decade

Trends fade but good taste is forever. Learn how to refresh your home for a week, redecorate for a year, and create timeless interiors to last decades.

The ultimate room-by-room spring cleaning list

It’s time for a SPRING CLEAN! We’re taking you through, room by room, our ultimate spring cleaning checklist. Let’s give our lives a serious declutter.

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