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3 reasons to have a styled home

There are many reasons why people seek out a styled home. And for each need, a great stylist provides the solution. Here’s the rundown.

Is your home a keeper?

Deciding whether to sell or keep your home can be a tough call to make. If this is a question you’re wrangling with, the best thing to do is consider your options.

Trending: coastal tones (+ how to do it right)

Coastal tones are the simplest way to make life feel like a beach, regardless of whether you actually live near one.

Does your home inspire you? If not, here’s how to fix it

An inspired home is shaped by your location and lifestyle. Here’s some advice anybody can apply to make their homes feel more inspiring.

How to style a shelf like a designer

Open shelving sometimes stands out for the wrong reasons. Here are a few top tips to help you style a shelf like a designer.

Upgrade your living room on a budget

The living room is one of the highest traffic areas of any home, so make it a room you want to spend time in.

Inspiration alert: Let us INSPIRE you

What inspires us most isn’t trade magazines or Pinterest boards or what other interior designers are doing. It’s the people in our lives. We do it for you… to inspire your best life.

2020 interior design trends: are you ready for the Twenties?

With a new decade comes a new look. Here are the 2020 interior design trends we’re predicting – and loving.

Should you style your home in 2020?

At the dawn of a new decade, there’s never been a better time to style your home. This is a prime opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate your interiors, and enter the “Twenties” in style. Here’s why.   Are you selling?  You should style your home!  In an uncertain housing market, property styling gives you the […]

Space Crush: The Bower Byron Bay

If you’re searching for a combination of comfort and style, then The Bower Byron Bay will blow you away.

Spare room ideas… here’s 5 of them for some inspo

Make your spare room into something more. In fact, home buyers will often pay more for a house with a converted spare room.

It’s a wrap! BOWERBIRD reflects on a big 2019

2019 was full of opportunities for BOWERBIRD and our clients. Here’s what got up to… we can’t wait for 2020!

How to fake an open plan house

Open-plan houses are increasingly popular. Help your home achieve those breezy open-plan vibes with these interior design hacks.

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