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    The Resurgence of Vintage

    Vintage Design is making a comeback, effortlessly blending history with modernity for unique, harmonious, and eco-conscious designs.

    A Guide to Creating a Calming Morning Routine

    In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the precious few hours before school/work/everything else on your to-do list can often become a chaotic rush to get out the door. However, taking the time to cultivate a calming morning routine can set a positive tone for the rest of the day, promoting a sense of self annd wellbeing. Here are seven simple yet effective steps to help you create a mindful morning routine that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

    Festive Decor

    Elevate your festive decor with these tips. From themed trees adorned with bows to garden-inspired table settings, infuse warmth, authenticity, and joy into every corner of your home.

    Creating Your Dream Workspace

    Transform your home office! It matters.. right? Surround yourself in effortless style, in a space that reflects your personality, that can boost your productivity, and make you feel inspired! Elevating your workspace truly can make you feel more confident, calm and motivated, which let’s face it, we all need a bit of help as we push to the end of the working year!

    Can you Add Texture to your Home if you’re a Minimalist?

    Trying to work out how to add texture to your home decor, without compromising on your classic aesthetic? These four tips can help.

    Sustainable Design

    From energy-efficient appliances to eco-friendly furnishings, BOWERBIRD Interiors’ experts share five easy ways to achieve sustainable design in your home without sacrificing style.

    Celebrity Homes: Interiors Unveiled

    Step inside the stylish homes of Kim Kardashian, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Paulson, and Troye Sivan.

    The Rise of Cottagecore

    Cottagecore: Where rustic charm meets cozy comfort. A warm embrace of authenticity and simplicity in your home. Discover the heart of Cottagecore.

    Our Top 5 Homes Styled This Year

    Take a look at some of our favourite projects we’ve designed and styled this year. From coastal homes, waterfront dreamscapes and luxury apartments, to trendy inner-city properties and more.

    Sleep Hygiene 101: Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Rest.

    Discover the secrets of good sleep hygiene, with three tips to help you enjoy sweet dreams…literally!

    Designing a Pet-Friendly Home Without Sacrificing Style

    Designing a pet-friendly home that exudes style is entirely attainable. By selecting pet-safe materials, stylish pet furniture, and creative storage solutions, you can achieve a beautiful, pet-loving haven.

    5 Tips to Help you Deal with Fussy Eaters

    End the food fight and make family meal times more memorable (for the right reasons) with these five tips to help you deal with fussy eaters.

    The Art of Mixing Patterns

    Unlock the secrets of successful pattern mixing in Interior Design. Craft a harmonious, personalised space that speaks to your unique style while maintaining balance and authenticity. Explore the transformative world of pattern play!

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