Warm tone bedroom

How to create a well-travelled interior style

It’s not necessary to have every country ticked off your bucket list to adopt a well-travelled interior style. A love of travel and adventure can easily be reflected in a carefully curated home, blended with the existing space and design. These tips will help you create a home you love that embodies your personal travel experiences and special memories.

property styling

5 timeless property styling ideas that never go out of style

A new home is one of the biggest investments of a lifetime (queue the following property styling ideas) So it makes sense that the decor lasts a lifetime, too. While trends come and go, good taste is forever. And there are some property styling rules that are just not meant to be broken.

bannisters pavilion interior

BOWERBIRD Space Crush: Bannisters Pavilion

We’re (obviously) suckers for a beautiful interior space, and you’d think after a work week filled with colour palettes, furniture placement and ‘cushion chopping’ that we would be sick to death of anything remotely interior related.

black and white bathroom

The biggest interior trends of 2019

While it may seem like ages until the start of the new year, in the world of interiors the trends have already been forecasted and some have already hit. Here are a few to get you excited. #AddToCart.

home styling

5 ways to instantly make a room look bigger – Home Styling Tips

Do you have a room in your house that you wish looked bigger? This is one of the most common issues we face when considering the home styling of a property. Cosy spaces can become easily cramped if you’re not sure how to style them. But fear not. Here are some of the best and easiest …

kids room ideas

BOWERBIRD How To: 3 Kids Room Ideas

Be it a toy room, kids bedroom or teenagers retreat, our BB dream team always jump at the chance to create a cute kids space! Brainstorming kids room ideas are actually a favourite past time for our stylists. Kids spaces are a whole lot of fun to redecorate because they’re just one of those spaces …

interior styling

Add pattern to your interior styling… the right way!

Be bold and add colour and texture to your interior styling with our easy pattern ideas to give your home an instant refresh. While paisley prints may remind you of your nana’s living room, a pattern can be stylish when decorated in the right way and is guaranteed to give your home that wow factor. …

property stylist

In the mind of a property stylist: a short Q&A

At Bowerbird, we have a pretty talented squad (we’re proud to admit it) – and we often get asked about new trends, styles, and all things design. It can be daunting to some of us that don’t have the ‘eye-for-it’, to know what is going to work, won’t date, what’s on trend – and the …

Property Styling

5 things styling business’ totally nail… and 1 thing we can do better

Now we all know how competitive it is out there in the real estate game. With so many houses being bought and sold, it’s no wonder property styling is more popular than ever. No longer is property styling reserved for just luxury or boutique properties. No, no, in this competitive space, your property needs all …

Home Styling

How to create the perfect ‘shelfie’

While selfies are pictures of people themselves, ‘shelfies’ are an expression of self in a different way. Basically, it’s snapping your possessions on a shelf, which can be arranged by colour and your favourite personal objects that you’ve collected over the years. Here are a few things to take into consideration when creating your own …

simple spring styling

5 easy updates to make your home feel like spring

We love a new season and spring is a great time to give your interiors a spring home styling refresh. So put away the heavy fabrics and dark accessories to make way for lighter and brighter looks for spring. You don’t have to spend a fortune; with these 5 easy updates, your home will feel …

What to expect when you’re expecting…

There’s no doubt that those nine months go by way too quick, especially when you’re thinking about ticking off that long checklist. From Doctors appointments to newborn essentials, baby proofing your home is only one thing on a long list of to do’s, let alone how you’d make it stylish (I mean is that even possible?). …

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