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    The importance of texture for winter styling

    We may reach for textures to keep us warm, but adding layers of textures in our homes is also important for winter styling. Here’s why!

    Tips to enjoy your outdoor space in Winter

    There is no reason you can’t use your outdoor space all year. Australia has a beautiful climate so don’t be discouraged by a slight drop in the temperature. A few simple additions can bring a new dimension to your life outside. Here are a few ideas to help prepare your outdoor space for winter living.

    What is Hygge interior design? (and how to try it yourself)

    What is Hygge interior design? Here are 6 tips on how to incorporate this iconic Danish interior style into your own space.

    Recreate our coastal look without falling into an EOFY frenzy

    We received an amazing interior design project brief to completely transform this apartment into a coastal paradise. Want to find out how we did it?

    Style your way to better sleep

    How you style your bedroom (and beyond) can help with lifestyle factors preventing you from getting a better night’s sleep.

    Can you fake natural light? We think so!

    Poor natural light is often a dealbreaker. Nobody wants to live in a cave, after all. Fake natural light with these illuminating tips!

    6 items our interior designers are loving (and where to find them!)

    Our Styled To Keep team reveal their favourite trends in Winter furnishing, with tips to transform your home into a sanctuary against the cold.

    Keep your interior styling fresh after we’ve left

    A good interior designer styles your home so it stays classic. Still, we are all partial to a change of scenery. Here’s how to keep interior styling fresh.

    The secrets of styling a five-star hotel

    A five-star hotel experience is easy to enjoy but difficult to create. The very first thing you have to get right is the hotel room styling.

    3 key elements of a great interior design moodboard

    There’s something about putting together a physical mood board that makes for a more creative look and sets the foundations of an inspiring space.

    The importance of spatial planning in interior styling

    Before choosing your furniture, you must start the groundwork for spatial planning. Interior styling will be much easier if you do!

    How to style: a kitchen bench

    A minimal, beautiful and practical kitchen bench will make all the difference to keeping a calm head while cooking. Here’s how to style it.

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