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    5 low maintenance houseplants anyone can keep alive

    Want to get a houseplant but worried you have a “black thumb”? Trust us, anyone can keep these low maintenance houseplants alive and flourishing.

    7 Australian home decor brands we love

    Every day we’re contacted about where we’ve sourced our home decor. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Australian home decor brands.

    9 colourful interiors projects to re-energise your soul

    There’s always place for colour to make a home feel inviting. We’ve rounded up our favourite colourful interiors projects from the archives.

    Just how quickly can we transform your home?

    Our home transformations aren’t instant – but it’s pretty close. We’ve broken down our timeline so you can see how quickly we’re able to transform your home.

    Trending: interiors for pets?!

    For many of us, pets are not only our best friends but part of the family. Here are just a few pet interior design ideas that won’t sacrifice your style.

    9 moody interiors projects that feel oh-so-glamorous

    Moody interiors are striking, glamorous and modern when done right. If you want the moody interiors, then look no further for inspiration.

    Meet Geoff, our Managing Director

    Business chameleon, managing director and our fearless leader. He is the mastermind behind (most) things happening at BOWERBIRD Interiors – watch the video!

    9 minimalist interiors projects to calm your mind

    Minimalist interiors showcase monochromatic colour schemes, refined shapes and the bare essentials. Let’s get inspired!

    9 coastal interiors projects that feel like a holiday

    Dreaming of the seaside? Here are our favourite coastal interiors projects to get you motivated to style your dream home!

    5 ways to create an emotional connection with property styling

    When it comes to selling your home, emotions are everything. Find out how we create moments with property styling that forge a buyer’s emotional connection.

    Meet Lauren, our Creative Director

    A mother of two, our ray of sunshine and the visionary behind the bespoke “BOWERBIRD look”. We asked her a few questions and here’s what she said – watch the video!

    From planning to execution: how we style properties

    Here are the stages of the styling process you’ll expect, so the only surprise you’ll get is how great your property looks at the end of it!

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