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    Choosing a Design Direction to fit your property

    Our stylists know the best Design Direction to fit your needs. Thinking about interior styling? Find out which Design Direction suits you!

    7 interior styling New Year’s resolutions you should make

    Need a refresh? We’ve put together a list of interior styling New Year’s resolutions to help make your home – and your life – better. New year, new home!

    5 productive things to do in your home this Christmas slump period

    We have officially embarked on that time of year between Christmas and New Years, where you’re not sure what’s up or down. It’s no lie you start to lose track of the days passing by, but 2020 isn’t over just yet (as much as we want it to be). So here’s our list of things […]

    Our favourite homes of 2020

    Here are just a few of the highlights we can’t resist to share again. Houses, apartments and commercial properties… every job we style is completely unique.

    The interior design trends we’re saying goodbye to in 2021

    2021 is a good opportunity to say goodbye to interior design trends that have worn out their welcome. Out with the old and in with the new!

    Why interior styling and renovations are the complete package

    Want to update your home with interior styling? Also need renovations? Packaging both together makes the process more seamless and efficient.

    6 inspiring interiors we love from movie sets

    We’ve done some research (okay, watched Netflix – it’s a hard job) and found movies with inspiring interiors we’d love to spend a day in. Pass the popcorn!

    Trend alert: industrial interiors

    Industrial interiors are trending. But how do you get the industrial interiors look without turning your home into a factory warehouse?

    7 signs you’re obsessed with interiors

    If you might be obsessed with interiors, here are the signs to look for. Find out how to turn your interior obsession into styling skills!

    10 of our best interior styling tips

    Want the best interior styling tips? It’s always a good idea to ask the experts – like the experienced interior stylists at BOWERBIRD.

    7 daring and dark interiors ideas to try

    Luxe and moody, here are some dark interiors ideas to try. And they won’t make your home feel like a haunted house, trust us!

    Change your home, change your life

    One way to change your life is simply changing your home. Your surroundings reflect your goals! Here’s how to change your home and your life for the better.

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