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5 interior design apps that will help you style your home

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to all things interiors – painting, trades, inspo, the list goes on – even us experts need a little assistance from time to time. That’s why we rely on some trusty apps to get us by. So here are our 5 favourite interior design apps that […]

Space Crush: Apartamento in Byron Bay

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Byron Bay, Apartamento is the new accommodation destination by the team behind fashion brand St. Agni.

7 surprising things you learn when you start interior styling

When you start learning about interior styling, you have certain expectations. More often than not, the real results are so much better than you imagine!

Zen and the art of the meditation room

A meditation room is your happy space to relax and escape. You’ll need good styling – after all, it’s hard to be present in a room you can’t stand.

A beginner’s guide to a feng shui home

Stemming from ancient Chinese wisdom, feng shui seeks to find perfect balance and harmony – exactly what good interiors need. Let’s go through the basics.

How to tell a story with property styling

Write a unique story that draws from your home’s existing features, location and target demographic. Here’s why all good property styling is storytelling.

4 reasons your home doesn’t inspire you anymore

They say home is where the heart is, but what if you’re not loving your home? Here’s how to make your home inspiring with a few interior design tips.

3 reasons to have a styled home

There are many reasons why people seek out a styled home. And for each need, a great stylist provides the solution. Here’s the rundown.

Inspiration alert: Let us INSPIRE you

What inspires us most isn’t trade magazines or Pinterest boards or what other interior designers are doing. It’s the people in our lives. We do it for you… to inspire your best life.

Space Crush: The Bower Byron Bay

If you’re searching for a combination of comfort and style, then The Bower Byron Bay will blow you away.

Spare room ideas… here’s 5 of them for some inspo

Make your spare room into something more. In fact, home buyers will often pay more for a house with a converted spare room.

DIY renovation vs hiring pros: what’s best for you?

DIY renovation can be very tempting. But are you biting off more than you can chew? And is it really cheaper than hiring pros?

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