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    Just how quickly can we transform your home?

    Our home transformations aren’t instant – but it’s pretty close. We’ve broken down our timeline so you can see how quickly we’re able to transform your home.

    Choosing a Design Direction to fit your property

    Our stylists know the best Design Direction to fit your needs. Thinking about interior styling? Find out which Design Direction suits you!

    6 items our interior designers are loving (and where to find them!)

    Our Styled To Keep team reveal their favourite trends in Winter furnishing, with tips to transform your home into a sanctuary against the cold.

    7 moody interiors projects that feel oh-so-glamorous

    Moody interiors are striking, glamorous and modern when done right. If you want the moody interiors, then look no further for inspiration.

    5 ways to create an emotional connection with property styling

    When it comes to selling your home, emotions are everything. Find out how we create moments with property styling that forge a buyer’s emotional connection.

    How to make neutral tones pop (you read right)

    Decorating with neutrals doesn’t need to be boring! Instead, try incorporating these four tips into your next project to transform your living space from basic to beautiful.

    Great Ideas for Eco-Friendly Design in Your Home

    Eco-friendly design is much more than a trend. It’s a way to make your home beautiful while showing you care about the environment.

    Home is where the art is

    Your home, where you spend the most time, should be an inspiring and satisfying place to wake up and come home to. That’s where art comes in.

    4 properties that already have us saying ‘wow’ in 2022

    Whether you’re putting your house on the market, making over your current home, or investing in your business, we can make your properties a showstopper.

    The top interior design trends you’ll see in 2022

    Periwinkle blue, Seventies styles and… goblincore?! These are 2022 interior design trends you must know.

    Interiors DO make a difference to your life: here’s how

    We may style properties which have the wow factor, but it’s more than just aesthetics. In fact, interior design can have life-changing benefits…

    A beginner’s guide to a feng shui home

    Stemming from ancient Chinese wisdom, feng shui seeks to find perfect balance and harmony – exactly what good interiors need. Let’s go through the basics.

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