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    Selling a Lifestyle

    When it comes to selling a home, Property Styling has emerged as a powerful tool to attract potential buyers and achieve quicker, more profitable sales. At BOWERBIRD, we understand that beyond bricks and mortar, a home tells a story, and it is our job to craft that narrative. By transforming spaces, we don’t just sell […]

    Maximising Small Spaces: Tips and Tricks for Stylish and Functional Small Homes

    Make the most of your small space with these tips.

    Embracing Minimalism: A Showcase of Our Minimalist Living Rooms

    Embrace minimalism with our expertly curated living spaces. Elevate your environment today.

    A Moody-Luxe Retreat in Newtown

    Experience the allure of a Moody-Luxe Design Direction in our latest project. Featuring dark joinery complimented by warm accents.

    Embracing Sydney’s Retail Scene: Exploring Interior Design Trends Reshaping the Shopping Experience

    Sydney’s retail scene undergoes a transformation with innovative interiors, blending minimalism, sustainability and aesthetics seamlessly for immersive shopping experiences.

    Our Favourite Office Spaces We’ve Styled (So Far)

    From home offices to study nooks, our portfolio celebrates diverse office designs. Discover how we transform spaces into inspiring environments.

    Mastering the Art of Renovation: A Guide to Navigating Challenges with Ease

    Embark on your renovation journey with confidence and vision. Set a realistic budget, assemble a reliable team, and embrace challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. Smooth sailing awaits!

    Autumn Aesthetics: Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

    Enhance your home with a seasonal makeover. Embrace natural elements, warm colour palettes, layered textures, subtle accents and strategic lighting.

    3 of Our Favourite Before & Afters

    Discover 3 of our favourite Property Styling before & afters.

    Staging for Different Buyer Demographics: Tailoring Your Approach for Success

    Learn how to tailor your Property Styling approach for different demographics.

    A Guide to Interior Design Styles: Deciphering Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional

    Delve into the world of Interior Design styles: from the clean lines of modern to the fluidity of contemporary, the opulence of traditional, and the balance of transitional.

    Illuminating Interior Design: Crafting Ambiance Through Lighting

    Lighting serves as the provider of ambience in any space, and our recent projects showcase how strategic lighting choices can elevate the mood and functionality of a home. Let’s delve into how lighting played a pivotal role in three of our Interior Design projects. Henley: Embracing Natural Light In our transformation of a waterfront Hamptons-inspired […]

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