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    17 April 2023

    6 decor mistakes that will cheapen your home

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    Curious to know if you’re making the right choices when it comes to your interiors?

    Why not chat to the experts? At BOWERBIRD Interiors we’re always willing to share our interior advice with our customers. Whether you’re opting to sell your house, or even keeping your home but simply looking for a refresh – making the right design choices when it comes to your interiors is our bread and butter.

    But, if you’re looking to give your home a little love right now – here are some of the most common styling mistakes that instantly cheapen your home… and how to avoid them!

    1. Cheap lighting

    If you think light fixtures aren’t important, think again. Updating lighting can be an inexpensive way to transform a room and improve the overall aesthetic. Think of lighting as the jewellery of your interior space. Even a simple plug-in can add sophisticated elegance and comfort to a room. Shop around and mix high street buys with bespoke pieces. Investing in a large show-stopping pendant light will always be a good buy.

    2. The wrong size rug

    Rugs can instantly transform a room but it can be hard to judge the size. Placing a rug that’s too small for an area will not only upset the proportions of a room, but will give the impression that you couldn’t afford the larger correct-sized rug. Make sure the rug is appropriately scaled to your interiors to ensure all the furniture in the room relates to one another.

    3. Dated bathroom accessories

    There’s nothing worse than seeing an old toilet seat, mouldy shower curtain, or old towels hanging in the bathroom. Not only are they unsanitary – they’re also unsightly – so make sure you update them regularly. Bathrooms are frequently used areas so opt for accessories made of quality materials that are easy to clean and withstand heat, humidity, and lots of water.

    4. Oversized furniture

    If your home is stuffed to the brim with oversized furniture you’re making a vital error on the road to making your space look expensive. Before making a purchase consider the dimension of each piece and the overall volume of the room. Measure every nook and cranny to see if the item will fit your interiors – and to avoid overcrowding. Always map out the room and mark the height, width, and depth of furniture using painters tape directly to the wall, don’t rely on your eye.

    5. Following design trends

    While it’s hard not to get excited with new trends and go on a massive interiors shopping spree, the number one styling tip is to stop following fads that go out as quickly as they come in. Your home should be all about your personal style and buying the things you really love, not just because the latest interior mags tell you to buy it. Think about what your space means to you and what colours and textures you love. Make design choices based on that and you’ll love it forever.

    6. Avoiding investment pieces

    The most common mistake is buying lots of small inexpensive furniture pieces or accessories. It’s far more financially savvy to invest in one statement expensive accent like a great sofa, awesome headboard, or amazing piece of art. The little things add up and cost just as much plus they will leave your space feeling cluttered. Find a piece you love, save up for it and take the plunge.

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