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    About Us

    Founded in 2013, BOWERBIRD is proudly Australian owned and operated. From humble beginnings operating from a second bedroom to a team of 60+ we are united in our desire to connect people and places. We believe every space has the potential to connect with people, and to be loved. So, core to our design intent is always to transform creative spaces to be deeply experienced, and to be loved.

    Creating connection between people and place comes first with connecting with possibilities, opportunities, ideas, memories, and self. It’s about expanding beyond what can be seen, touched and felt to what can be imagined, collected and created through thoughtful curation and unbridled imagination.

    When we connect ideas and perspectives without boundaries, anything is possible. By fusing a sense of integrity with design our team is privileged to create new ways for people to connect and fully engage with the spaces to experience, to be themselves and to love.

    Because when we create connection to spaces, we create:

    Spaces to Love.

    We uncover value in each space.

    Combining unique creativity, a passionate dedicated team and advanced operations.

    People, Culture, Values and Beliefs

    We love to inspire our customers and are always working hard behind the scenes to inspire our team. This dynamic group is deeply invested in the success of every project and in creating the connection that is truly unique to BOWERBIRD Interiors. Our shared values around curiosity, resilience and ownership bind us together and help us bring our vision to life. It’s this culture of creativity and innovation that ensures we continue to lead the way in this exciting industry.

    Expertise and Scale

    Inspiration is in our DNA. With 60+ people in our Styling, Design, Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Operations teams, and ten operational years of design and styling behind us – we know what clients want to see in their property and have the capability and capacity to deliver to their ambitions and aspirations. We simplify processes for our clients, offering full project management and interest-free payment plans across our services.

    Supply Chain

    We provide a full-service supply chain with end-to-end logistics capabilities – and with our state-of-the-art distribution centre, specialised teams and cutting-edge technology, we are able to furnish a diverse range of projects, from smaller inner-city units to large, complex projects. Our broad portfolio of suppliers and extensive inventory allows us to remain responsive and competitive, offering clients a range of options and solutions at every turn.

    We believe every space has the potential to be loved and to connect with people.
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