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    20 December 2019

    How to fake an open plan house

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    In recent years, buyer demand for an open plan house has only increased.

    For all the houses that were built before walls fell out of favour, this poses a bit of a problem. Of course, you can also go at it with a sledgehammer, but that might be a costly renovation (not to mention, messy!). With some clever interior design tricks, you can help your home achieve those breezy open plan house vibes. 


    Leave the door open

    Real estate agents often leave doors open during an open house to help potential buyers feel welcomed and comfortable (and not let them think you’re hiding something). Leaving doors open also helps the flow of natural light, air and foot traffic.


    Meet in the middle

    A common misconception is that placing furniture against the wall will create the illusion of space. But doing this can actually block movement and natural light, as well as closing the walls in. “Float” furniture towards the centre of the room, making there is still enough space to move around comfortably.


    With the same brush

    If you want to create the illusion that your home is a free-flowing space you should keep your walls the same colour (including the ceiling). A fresh lick of paint will also instantly brighten up a room (just as long as you stick to light, neutral shades such as white or cream).


    Guiding light

    The more light, the more open a property feels. Draw back the curtains and adjust the shutters to let in natural light. If that’s not an option for you, invest in good-quality incandescent, fluorescent or LED light bulbs. 


    Hang mirrors

    It seems we can’t go five minutes without recommending mirrors as a space-enhancing hack. Mirrors reflect light and, when placed strategically, create the illusion of depth. Bigger is better, but if you find large mirrors to be too expensive, you can create the same effect with many small mirrors.


    Get rid of clutter

    Whatever the season, it’s always time for a spring clean. Go full Marie Kondo and move anything you don’t need into storage. For example, big heavy blankets can be hidden away until winter rolls around. And there’s something so freeing about letting go of “stuff” and giving away your excesses to a good charity.

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