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    The secrets of styling a five-star hotel

    A five-star hotel experience is easy to enjoy but difficult to create. The very first thing you have to get right is the hotel room styling.

    10 ways to reduce dust in your home

    It’s important to reduce dust in your home – too much dust can even affect your health. These 10 dust-free methods are natural AND easy.

    5 things homebuyers don’t want to see

    Homebuyers have a knack for finding flaws. Here are five tips for fixing common issues before the inspection date to maximise your selling price.

    The best styling advice we’ve ever received

    We asked our stylists to share the best interior design advice they’d ever received. Grab your notebook because there are quite a few pearls of wisdom here!

    Do houses sell better furnished or unfurnished?

    It’s a highly debated topic: do houses sell better furnished or unfurnished? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons and find the solution for a better sale.

    6 creative storage solutions

    Organise your home and stay organised year-round with practical and sustainable storage solutions for any space.

    Does property styling make a difference to your sale?

    Sell faster, for more, with minimal stress – it’s all possible with professional property styling.

    What your home styling says about your personality

    What does your home say about you? Simply take our personality test, vetted by years of professionally styling people’s homes.

    A stylist’s guide to: rugs

    Rugs are the perfect way to still add a bit of cosiness to your home. But how do you choose one? Here are some tips to help.

    Which interior design style is best for selling your home?

    When it comes to picking an interior design style for selling your home, the options really are endless. So which direction should you take?

    Old vs new interiors: finding the perfect balance

    Styling a period property is always a delicate balance between old and new. Here are some of our best tips!

    Hiring: Marketing Manager

    We’re looking for a smart, creative and results-driven individual to join our team. In this role, you’ll form part of the Brand team and work closely with our Brand Director and Content Manager to collaborate and execute a variety of marketing initiatives.

    How to change your home styling with the seasons

    Summer, autumn, winter, spring… here are some easy and effective ways to adapt your home styling for all seasons of the year.

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