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3 reasons to have a styled home

There are many reasons why people seek out a styled home. And for each need, a great stylist provides the solution. Here’s the rundown.

4 Christmas styling ideas to try

These simple Christmas styling ideas won’t make it looked like you ransacked Santa’s grotto.

A house is not a home…

One of the biggest concerns clients have for stylists is whether their house will still feel like a home when the job is done.

Trending: Moody

The Moody trend is so much fun to explore and adds a touch of contemporary composure to any space.

What is “life styling”?

Life styling isn’t a term freely used in interiors, but we like to march by the beat of our own drum. It embodies what we do – and why we do it… for you!

Trending: Hues

Hues are trending and it needn’t be scary – or garish. Add a pop of colour to your home and make the most of this juicy trend.

3 things you should spend less money on

Who’d like to spend less money on home improvements? Find out which items aren’t worth your hard-earned cash.

5 things every bedroom needs

Your bedroom needs to be functional as well as comfortable. Not sure where to start? Here are five things that make the perfect bedroom.

Interior design trend: ahead of the curve

Curves are one of the biggest interior design trends of 2019. Here’s how to style it right.

Should you repaint before you sell?

You might not want to undertake a complete reno before you sell. But is it worth your time – and money – to repaint?

10 ways to reduce dust in your home

It’s important to reduce dust in your home – too much dust can even affect your health. These 10 dust-free methods are natural AND easy.

5 flower-free ways to style for spring

In the immortal words of Miranda Priestly: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”.

8 tips for hiring tradies

Who can you trust? Are you paying the right price? If these questions stop you hiring tradies with confidence, follow our step-by-step guide.

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