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    The secrets of styling a five-star hotel

    A five-star hotel experience is easy to enjoy but difficult to create. The very first thing you have to get right is the hotel room styling.

    Home is where the art is

    Your home, where you spend the most time, should be an inspiring and satisfying place to wake up and come home to. That’s where art comes in.

    Furniture upgrades that instantly level up your interiors

    A simple furniture upgrade can instantly and dramatically change your home. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas.

    How to choose a colour scheme for your home

    With so many hues to choose from, how can you narrow down a colour scheme for your home? If the selection is overwhelming, we’re here to help.

    10 lessons Homesellers learn from their first sale

    Homesellers go through a lot with their first sale! Here are ten lessons about selling property that you should know.

    How much does a home stylist cost in Sydney?

    If you’re considering hiring a home stylist for your Sydney property, don’t be afraid of the cost – it could be much more affordable than you think.

    5 ways a property viewing is like a first date

    Property viewing is a lot like dating – it may take a few disasters before finding the one. But property stylists are here to help make a good match.

    Why office interiors are so important for a business

    Office interiors are so important to maximising productivity – whether you work in a business space or from home. 

    4 properties that already have us saying ‘wow’ in 2022

    Whether you’re putting your house on the market, making over your current home, or investing in your business, we can make your properties a showstopper.

    Hiring: Full-time Interior Stylists

    At BOWERBIRD Interiors we are big believers in creating inspiration. It’s our purpose. In order to achieve this, we’re building a team of inspiring individuals. The purpose of the Interior Stylist is to bring inspiration to life creating “wow” moments. Through creativity and trendsetting, the Interior Stylist will evangelise the BOWERBIRD brand. You will ensure the […]

    The top interior design trends you’ll see in 2022

    Periwinkle blue, Seventies styles and… goblincore?! These are 2022 interior design trends you must know.

    Interiors DO make a difference to your life: here’s how

    We may style properties which have the wow factor, but it’s more than just aesthetics. In fact, interior design can have life-changing benefits…

    A beginner’s guide to a feng shui home

    Stemming from ancient Chinese wisdom, feng shui seeks to find perfect balance and harmony – exactly what good interiors need. Let’s go through the basics.

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