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Life styling isn’t a term freely used in interiors, but we like to march by the beat of our own drum. It embodies what we do – and why we do it… for you!

Styling to sell? Pick BOWERBIRD BLACK

Backed by a guarantee of success, BOWERBIRD BLACK is the no-risk property styling option that puts your mind at ease.

Can you fake natural light? We think so!

Poor natural light is often a dealbreaker. Nobody wants to live in a cave, after all. Fake natural light with these illuminating tips!

5 ways styling can add value to your home

Selling your home for the best possible price is the name of the game.

There are no certainties in life except death, taxes and BOWERBIRD BLACK

You’ve likely heard the saying that there are no certainties in life except death and taxes.

Are you guilty of these styling faux pas?

When you’re styling your home – whether for sale, or simply for fun – it can be easy to get carried away.

3 stylish ways to create the illusion of space

Space, the final frontier… When it comes to property styling, creating the illusion of space is something best left to the experts. Anyone can give a dull room a bright lick of paint, or hang eye-catching art on the walls, but it takes a trained eye to create space where there is none.

BOWERBIRD Space Crush: The Eastern

Searching for the ultimate winter escape? Well, we may have found the perfect spot.

In a tough market, there are no guarantees, right? Wrong!

It’s no secret that the Australian property market has been doing it tough over the last couple of years. Property values have been in decline while homes are also taking longer to sell.

Everything you need to know about the property styling process

Selling your home can be equal parts exciting and stressful.

5 ways to boost your bathroom’s appeal

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be all function and no flair.

How to style your entranceway (yes, it’s important!)

When you think of property styling, you probably think about plush bedding, plump cushions and luxe lounges.

Did you know there’s a 91% success rate with BOWERBIRD BLACK?

Are you prepping your property for a spring sale? Yes? Well, it’s probably about time you started to consider your property styling.

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