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    8 June 2020

    Interior boredom: it’s a thing (and how to fix it)

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    Interior Boredom

    /ɪnˈtɪərɪə ˈbɔːdəm/ 



    • The sense that the inner realms of your home are becoming weary and uninteresting.



    After living in one space for a period of time, it’s only natural you’ll get bored of it. If you are all too familiar with this feeling, you are perhaps in need of some styling advice to bring back your interior joie de vivre. We have some easy tips on beating interior boredom – here’s how to refresh your interior design and create a home you fall in love with. 


    Shake it up 

    They say change is as good as a holiday, so take some time to change it up. Set out a few hours to rearrange your home decor pieces. You might find that simply swapping your existing items around might be exactly what you needed. Try to think outside the box with this one – for example, that stunning Aesop body cream that you keep in the bathroom can act as a simple bedside accessory to pop on before bed. Or that chunky knitted bed blanket that sits exclusively in the bedroom… bring it out into your living room to add texture!            


    Little changes, big impact 

    When we talk about the little things, we mean items that are easily and affordably changed, such as soft furnishings and accessories. Just replacing bits and pieces can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your interior space. This is a great way to introduce new colours and textures. Get excited about creating a new interior design scheme with throws, cushions, vases, bowl, coffee table books or even a new artwork or wall hanging. 


    Big-ticket items 

    If your intuition is telling you to start fresh, maybe it’s time to change up the big-ticket items – i.e. furniture. That’s where our Styled to Keep service comes in handy. Selecting furniture isn’t always as simple as it seems. You need to consider measurements, placement, personal requirements, aesthetic and so much more. Let alone the delivery and moving! We bring to the table a team with years of experience and interior design knowledge. Together, we’ll carefully curate and deliver furniture and accessories for your brand new (or least, feeling like brand new) home.

    If you’d like to take a step into a home curated by us or just want some more information, simply fill in the form and we’ll be in contact soon.

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