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    3 December 2021

    4 interior art projects that anyone can do

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    What’s better than a bare wall? A wall that’s designed with love. And what’s got more love in it than self-made art?

    DIY art projects can really add that special touch to your home. Handmade pieces are a great way to create a compelling focal point in a room, all the while making the space uniquely yours. Here are a few art projects that are easy to do and add real character to your home

    Line drawing

    Line drawings are a fun little creation you can add to your walls. Easy to execute, these drawings are perfectly complimentary for a room that already has a bit of colour but might be lacking in neutral tones. Simply find an image you like and sketch an unbroken copy of it with a thick texter. Try to make sure the motion is fluid. Be sure to keep the tonal considerations of your room in mind – if your room is already filled with lots of neutral tones, then try to add pops of colours in!

    Rustic knick-knack shelf

    A rustic knick-knack shelf is a practical way to add an unvarnished touch to your home. Simply grab an assortment of wooden items (these could range from paddle pop sticks all the way up to reclaimed wood), glue them together and attach the creation to a wall in your home. When looking for interesting textures to add to your home, rustic tones are always a safe and interesting counterbalance to a room dominated by neutral colours.

    Plant pedestal

    A plant pedestal is simply a stand (usually a block of reclaimed timber) where plants, books or other complimentary objects are placed on top. All you have to do is grab a wooden pedestal from a hardware shop, varnish, paint or simply leave it as is, and then place your favourite greenery on top! Raising the plant from the floor will make your room feel a lot more spacious and also add an earthy dimension to the room.

    Splatter paint wall art

    Creating your own splatter paintwork is an adventurous project that can spice up any home. Though it can be high risk (a meshing of wild colours might not work if they clash with the overall palette of your home), it can be very rewarding if executed correctly. Feeling up for the challenge? Simply collect similar colours you believe suits the character of your home, take a big canvas and flick and drizzle a brush over the top. It’s best to stick with analogous colours and not get too adventurous in your early endeavours – or you may end up with a creation that’s tonally off from the rest of your home.

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