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Styling to sell? Pick BOWERBIRD BLACK

Backed by a guarantee of success, BOWERBIRD BLACK is the no-risk property styling option that puts your mind at ease.

There are no certainties in life except death, taxes and BOWERBIRD BLACK

You’ve likely heard the saying that there are no certainties in life except death and taxes.

Did you know there’s a 91% success rate with BOWERBIRD BLACK?

Are you prepping your property for a spring sale? Yes? Well, it’s probably about time you started to consider your property styling.

BOWERBIRD vs BOWERBIRD BLACK. Which one’s right for you?

So, you’ve decided to invest in property styling – but you’re still unsure as to whether BOWERBIRD or BOWERBIRD BLACK is right for you.

What are buyers looking for, really?

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s essential to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers.

Property styling is no longer an option… it’s essential.

If you’re in the market to sell your home, it’s likely that you’ve considered property styling.

Industry Talk: The rise of property stylists

At BOWERBIRD, we talk a lot about the value of property styling when it comes to selling your home. But we’re not the only ones! Our friend, Ben Collier, recently shared an article exploring the rise of property stylists across the industry – and we were so thrilled with the findings, we couldn’t wait to share the […]

8 things that instantly turn off home buyers

It may feel like home to you, but there are some things about your humble abode that will make home buyers take pause. When we say these things could make your potential buyers literally run out the door, we mean it. Here’s what you’ll need to avoid if you want to get offers on the […]

Property viewing checklist: don’t open your home to buyers unless you’ve done this

The big day is finally here! If it’s your first time selling a property, you might be feeling a little unprepared for what’s to come. But no worries – with this handy property viewing checklist, you’ll be ready to win over potential buyers. Make sure you check off these final touches before you open those […]

7 property styling concerns keeping customers up at night (and our answers)

We’re not going to sugarcoat it – selling your home is tough. From finding the right agent to reviewing contracts and negotiating prices, this process is no walk in the park. Even tidying up your home for open inspection can be a huge feat in of itself. So, we understand when vendors get apprehensive when […]

BOWERBIRD BLACK – The one thing all real estate agents and vendors can agree on

If there’s one thing we love more than the detail – and we love the detail a LOT – it’s finding solutions that delight our customers in the property styling process. As you can imagine, it’s no easy feat. But just over 4 months ago, we launched BOWERBIRD BLACK – our premium, “peace of mind” […]

The big difference between interior design and property styling

When you’re talking about decorating a home, “interior design” is usually the term that pops up most. So you might be surprised that we try not to use that phrase when talking about our work at BOWERBIRD Interiors. That’s because interior design is a very different service to property styling, with their own specific goals and […]

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