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    30 May 2023

    Bowerbird Interiors have become the secret weapon in the commercial landscape.

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    Bowerbird Interiors have spent over a decade working directly with consumers in the residential property styling and interior design sector, curating elevated spaces for our clients to live in, or to increase the value of their homes for sale.

    During this long tenure, we have developed an inherent and deep understanding of what homesellers and homeowners want and need from their homes, we’ve unearthed their emotional intelligence, and nurtured their problem solving psyche. Now, as our steps become further ingrained into the world of commercial property development, which is ever evolving and increasing in demand, our grass roots as a business, working directly with property owners, has become our secret weapon in the commercial landscape. 

    One of the key benefits of our experience dealing directly with homeowners and homesellers, is our ability to approach the commercial property development market with a keen sense of empathy and understanding for the end user. By knowing what consumers want and need from their homes, we’re able to design properties that align with those desires while also meeting the practical needs of commercial clients. This approach has resulted in developments that are both profitable for our clients and highly desirable for their end users, target market and potential purchasers.

    Another benefit of our years of experience in the residential property styling & interior design climate is our deep understanding of consumer trends and preferences. We can spot emerging trends in consumer behaviour early on and leverage that knowledge to help our commercial clients stay ahead of the curve in creating innovative, desirable properties.

    Even more so, with the commercial landscape continuing to soar through temperamental global economic waters, we’re seeing new initiatives starting to build momentum, specifically Build-to-Rent developments which have been on the rise in recent years, particularly in urban areas where demand for quality and affordable housing is high. Bowerbird Interiors has found that being involved in this fast movement, and supporting developers in the early stages of these builds, has enabled developers to create spaces with a dynamic, versatile yet stylish palette in mind, helping to pave the way in reaching their target audience, the ‘renter’. 

    In conclusion, our experience in the residential landscape has become an invaluable asset and the secret weapon in the world of commercial property development, enabling us to create innovative and desirable properties that meet the needs of both our clients and their end users. Our ability to listen to our clients and communicate with them in a way that is both empathetic and data-driven has been key in building strong,our ability to be the ultimate translatory between developer and end user has become our first language, and led to the development of productive and long-term relationships with our commercial clients, and finally, our styling which taps into the emotional vulnerability of a potential buyer or tenant helps our clients properties to stand out in a crowded market, attracting buyers and tenants in a way that traditional commercial development stylists simply can’t match.

    Charlotte Dub, Head of Design.

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