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    22 September 2023

    Four Reasons You Should Prepare a Property for Sale

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    Well, let’s begin by acknowledging that this article is an obvious one for us as Interior Designers and Property Stylists. After all, it’s not really a secret that we want to craft a compelling reason to convince you why you should prepare a property for sale! But, whilst we do need to promote our services, we’ve also done some homework which suggests that the market is becoming more competitive. That’s why we truly do recommend the following tips to ensure your property not only sells in a challenging market but does so for a good price. 

    The first reason we can suggest for those who need a little convincing to help prepare a property for sale surrounds the need to stand out! For context, and to further cement this rationale, allow us to refer to an article we recently read that revealed a 2 per cent rise in total property listings. This meant that August saw 224,530 Australian dwellings available for sale! Sydney reported a 6.2 per cent lift in total listings in the eighth month of the year, driven largely by a 10.5 per cent increase in new listings (old listings dipped 0.1 per cent). This marks the most significant number of new listings entering the market in August since SQM Research records began in 2009.

    Secondly, creating an inviting and appealing atmosphere where a potential investor can personally connect with a property and visualise its potential has never been harder, BOWERBIRD has seen many homes styled by the owners themselves, and whilst lovely, it’s very personal, and often so unique it limits the ability for an investor or home buyer to envision the lifestyle they want to adopt in that home. At BOWERBIRD, we have over a decade of experience in styling properties that will reach a broad audience – a blank canvas that inspires a lifestyle, and allows a buyer to rewrite their story in that property. 

    Thirdly, preparing your property for sale also enhances buyer confidence. A property that has been prepared for sale presents as one where a buyer is unlikely to encounter hidden issues or costly repairs after purchase. This can make them more comfortable with their decision to make an offer.

    Finally – and perhaps most importantly – and yes, one we promote a lot, preparing a property for market maximises its value. Proper property preparation can significantly increase both the perceived and real value of your property, which ultimately means it can help achieve a swift, successful and profitable real estate transaction.

    Easy tips help you get your home sale-ready

    To prepare a property for sale, start by cleaning, decluttering and de-personalising your space. Conduct a thorough clean (including carpets, bathrooms, and kitchens) to ensure your home is spotless. Attend to small repairs and cosmetic hacks and upgrade key areas like the kitchen and bathroom with minor improvements – such as updated fixtures and handles – which can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. It’s also essential to address your exterior and boost every angle of your home’s appeal by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and perhaps planting some flowers for a welcoming look. You may also want to consider painting the front door, as a well-maintained exterior will entice potential buyers inside.

    Finally, consider professional styling (wink wink, nudge nudge) or home staging to highlight your home’s potential. Tiny touches such as rearranging the furniture to give the appearance of space, opening curtains to let in natural lights, burning candles or filling vases with fresh flowers to make a room smell good, laying a woollen throw across the couch to encourage people to image nights spent watching TV there, and even decorating the bathroom with fresh fluffy towels, can collectively create an inviting and memorable environment to attract potential buyers and improve your chances of a successful sale in a competitive real estate market

    How to really reap the rewards of a well-styled property

    With all your hard work, it’s important to invest in professional services – such as a selling agent – who can help showcase your home to potential buyers. The right agent involvement (including their associated marketing efforts) can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. Ultimately pairing your property preparation with professional support can maximise its impact and create a memorable experience for both sellers and buyers – who are willing to pay premium prices for a property … and promptly!  

    Market insights source: Spring sale market.

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