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    25 August 2023

    Why “Not Selling” is the Best Selling Approach when it comes to Property Sales

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    We’d like to imagine that a real estate agent’s favourite part of the job is the sweet sound of an auctioneer screeching “Sold!” – as the property they were attempting to offload is purchased for well above its listing price. 

    A non salesy approach is reshaping the way we view property transactions. And, although it may appear a little unconventional, the “Not Selling” strategy works by prioritising authenticity, meaningful connections, and trust-building. 

    Here’s why adopting an approach to property sales that doesn’t actually focus on selling might just be the best solution when it comes to real estate:

    The Human Connection of Property Sales

    Social Media! Smart Phones! Skypes and Slacks! Despite all the technologies that promise to deliver human connections, sometimes it feels like we live in a world where genuine interactions are not so readily available in real life.

    Think about the last time you made a purchase – whether it was a big-bucks buy like a car, or something as simple as selecting your favourite cereal from among the hundreds stocked on the supermarket shelf. Was your decision solely driven by technical specifications, or did the seller’s attitude and rapport or the manufacturer’s brand messaging play a role? Chances are, the latter was a significant factor. This is because people want to work with individuals and organisations who understand their aspirations, who empathise with their concerns, and who genuinely care about their wellbeing. Good agents know that prospective buyers are not simply seeking a piece of property; they’re looking for a place to call home. And, by adopting the “Not Selling” approach, real estate professionals can become trusted advisors rather than mere salespeople.

    The Power of Storytelling in Property Sales

    At the heart of the “Not Selling” approach is the art of storytelling. Every property has a story to tell – from its architectural history to the memories that have been created within its walls. Real estate agents who focus on sharing these stories with potential buyers, can create an enticing emotional connection that makes a space appear more sellable, without ever saying “the S word”.

    When an agent shares the tale of the home’s origins, the families that have lived there, and the unique quirks that make it special, he or she can create a connection that transcends the transactional nature of the sale and taps into the buyer’s imagination.

    If an agent is able to help prospective buyers imagine themselves walking into a charming, historical home – instead of simply bombarding them with a list of features and amenities – the experience is transformed from that of an individual simply viewing a property, into one who is envisioning a life there.

    In these instances, the “Not Selling” approach transforms a house into a dream, and a real estate agent into a storyteller.

    Building Trust Through Transparency

    Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship – including the real estate transaction. Buyers want to know that the information they receive is accurate, unbiased, and in their best interest. The “Not Selling” approach places transparency at the forefront, ensuring that potential buyers have all the information they need to make informed decisions. Rather than downplaying the shortcomings of a property, the “Not Selling” approach involves addressing them head-on. By openly discussing both the positive and challenging aspects of a property, real estate professionals demonstrate their commitment to building trust. This transparency breeds confidence, as buyers appreciate the honesty and integrity displayed throughout the process.

    Long-Term Relationships Over Short-Term Gains

    Traditional real estate sales often prioritise quick wins and immediate results. However, the “Not Selling” approach takes a more holistic view, focusing on cultivating long-term relationships over time. This perspective recognises that a satisfied client today can become a loyal advocate tomorrow. When real estate professionals prioritise the client’s needs, even if it means guiding them away from a particular property, they establish themselves as trustworthy advisors. This client-centred approach leads to referrals, repeat business, and a positive reputation within the community.

    Not Selling is the Best Selling Approach
    In a world where transactions can sometimes feel impersonal and transactional, the “Not Selling” approach offers a refreshing departure. By embracing authenticity, fostering genuine connections, and prioritising transparency, real estate professionals can revolutionise the way they approach sales. The power of this approach lies in its ability to create lasting relationships, build trust, and transform real estate transactions into meaningful experiences, so that “not selling” ironically becomes one of the best ways to sell!

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