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    3 May 2019

    8 things that instantly turn off home buyers

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    It may feel like home to you, but there are some things about your humble abode that will make home buyers take pause.
    When we say these things could make your potential buyers literally run out the door, we mean it. Here’s what you’ll need to avoid if you want to get offers on the table.
    1. Clutter
    It should go without saying that your house should be spick and span before buyers arrive. This doesn’t just mean wiping away stains and giving surfaces a good dusting. Clutter is an instant turnoff for buyers, as it makes the space seem smaller and hints at insufficient storage. If in doubt, remember the Coco Chanel rule: “Before you leave the house, take one thing off.”.
    2. Bad lighting
    Nobody wants to live in Dracula’s lair. Make sure you let the sunshine in (or if natural light isn’t an option, invest in good lightbulbs). Mirrors and a light colour palette will also help create an ambient, inviting space.
    3. Personal items
    Remember that buyers are looking for a home they can see themselves living in. So, they really don’t want any reminders of the old owners. Put any personal effects into safekeeping, particularly any photos of yourself! It’s also a good idea to not hang around during the viewings – let the real estate agent take care of business.
    4. “Unique” style
    Your bold choice in decor may be an acquired taste. It’s a practical idea to stick to a neutral aesthetic to please a wider range of buyers. You can’t go wrong with a clean palette and modern classic vibes.
    5. Rundown fixtures
    You can bet that your buyers will want to take everything for a test run. Before you even think of opening your home for viewings, make sure your electrical and plumbing systems are in good condition. You’ll also want to replace any outdated appliances (that fridge from the 90s, for example) and take note of any creaking floors or squeaky, sticky doors.
    6. Pet hair
    Not only is pet hair unpleasant to look at, but it could also trigger an allergic reaction in your potential buyers. It’s a good idea to send your fur baby to live with someone else prior to (and during) the viewing period.
    7. Carpets
    Carpets just scream of maintenance costs (and can trigger the aforementioned allergies). Today’s home buyers much prefer hardwood flooring, so it’s best to rip up that rug. If you must keep the carpet, make sure it is thoroughly – we mean thoroughly! – cleaned before viewings.
    8. Misleading photos
    This is like online dating – if you turn up and it looks nothing like the photo, you’re bound to feel a bit shafted. Make sure your home looks just as great in person as it does in the advertisement, or risk a lot of disappointed customers.
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