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    25 March 2022

    6 creative storage solutions

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    So, you’ve decluttered, you’ve re-organised (a million times), and now you’re wondering how to maximise storage space to stay organised? You’re not alone. Here are a few of our favourite storage solutions that will keep your space organised and make your effort worth it.

    Choose storage items that work for you

    Labelled spice jars & labelled stackable containers are a fantastic solution, if it’s sustainable for you. And if it is, Pretty Little Designs have a broad range of (customisable!) storage solutions that we love. If that feels like a little too much to upkeep, try open tubs instead. Try these from Pretty Little Designs! You can use this style of tub to store all your spices, cans, oils, chippies, and more. Tubs will make your pantry look organised no matter how crazy life gets.

    Go up, go down and utilise unused space

    If your bed doesn’t come with storage (which is also a great storage solution), but it has space underneath – use it. You have options like these kid’s toy storage boxes or woven baskets from Temple & Webster. Perfect for clothes you’re not using this season, extra bedding, and sentimental items like letters. Another way to utilise unused space is by adding a shelf insert into your cupboards and pantry, so you’re using all the space.

    Find storage items that suit your decor

    If you love having blankets by your couch for the cooler months, but don’t want them as part of your staple decor look, blanket boxes or baskets might be for you – explore open basket or closed box looks for a chic way to keep your cozy blankets within arms reach.

    Maximise your hanging space

    No one said you couldn’t keep all the clothes you love, even if you are running out of hanging room. Five-tier hangers are ideal for hanging multiple items such as jeans, skirts, and your tees. They’re a space-efficient way to keep all your beloved hanging items in one space – it really is that simple.

    Shoe racks

    Shoes take up space in your home, no matter how neatly they’re lined up by the door, they’ll always look a little messy. Shoe cabinets will give your shoes the loving home they deserve, and will immediately declutter your space. This one from Horgans will be a stunning addition to your entryway, or wherever you’re stashing your shoes.

    Use your doors

    If you can hang it, hang it. Adding removable hanging space to the back of doors can help you tuck away the items that you rarely need – we’re talking gift wrap, cards, umbrellas…. you know, the little things that really add up. Hang them. See what we mean, right here.

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