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    11 July 2024

    Colour Stories

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    Colour plays a pivotal role in the world of design. At the heart of our projects is a deep understanding of how colour can elevate and define a space. This philosophy is vividly illustrated through three of our projects. Below, each project showcased demonstrates our strategic use of colour to enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of the space.

    NINE by Mirvac

    NINE by Mirvac presented an opportunity to infuse life into a predominantly neutral apartment. Our goal was to maintain the sophistication of the neutral palette while introducing elements of colour to enliven the space. We carefully selected colourful styling elements that would seamlessly integrate into the neutral background without overwhelming it. Lamps, decorative pillows in bold hues, and art pieces with splashes of colour were incorporated. These additions created focal points that drew the eye and added layers of interest and personality to the space. The result was a marriage of calm neutrals and lively accents.


    In Kenthurst, the lush, green surroundings of the property guided our design choices. We aimed to create a serene and relaxing space that mirrored the natural beauty outside. To achieve this, we adopted a green-neutral colour palette for the accessories and soft furnishings. Soft greens and beiges dominated the colour scheme, fostering a sense of calm and connection to nature. The use of green in various shades added depth and interest, while neutral tones provided a soothing backdrop. Textures played a crucial role, with plush cushions, soft throws, and natural fibre rugs enhancing the tactile experience. This careful curation of colours and textures ensured that the space felt both luxurious and tranquil, a perfect retreat in harmony with its surroundings.


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    Paddington offered a canvas for bold creativity and eclectic expression. Unlike the other projects, this space called for a vibrant and visually stimulating design. We embraced an array of colours, introducing reds, oranges, and greens to create a lively and dynamic environment. The eclectic Design Direction allowed us to experiment with playful art and colourful furniture items. Statement pieces, such as a bright red armchair or a vibrant orange coffee table, served as conversation starters and focal points within the room. The use of bold patterns and varied textures added to the visual appeal, making the space exciting and eye-catching. Each element was chosen to contribute to the overall narrative of vibrancy and eclectic charm, resulting in a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also full of character and energy.

    Colour is more than just a visual element in our projects; it is a powerful tool that shapes the atmosphere and experience of a space. For advice on how to utilise colour when furnishing your home, reach out to us today. 

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