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    24 January 2022

    How to see your home through your buyers’ eyes

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    How you see your home and how a potential buyer sees your home are two very different things.

    Where you might see charming artefacts of years gone by, a potential buyer might see imperfections. Where you might find the styling to have none of your personality or aesthetic, a potential buyer will appreciate the blank canvas to project their future life. Here’s how to see your home through your buyers’ eyes.

    Make a big entrance

    The living room, the kitchen, the master bedroom – all showstopping spaces worthy of care and attention. But not enough people also think about the entranceway, and they should because it’s a buyer’s first impression! The entry should give a taster of what’s to come in the rest of the home. Set up high expectations with a striking buffet table if you have room; if not, artwork and unique decor will seal it in their memories. 

    Get rid of anything too personal

    One of the first things stylists will do is put all family photographs and heirlooms into storage. The aim is to de-personalise your home so your potential buyers can envisage themselves living in there. As you strip away these items, you may have some difficulty with this and feel like it’s no longer your home – but this is exactly what your buyer wants to see.

    Remember a pop of colour

    When studying for an exam, it’s recommended to highlight or write your notes in different colours as it helps the brain retain information. Similarly, a pop of colour placed strategically in a home grabs the attention and can aid recall later on – remember that house with the bottle-green sofa cushions? Don’t go too crazy with colour as this can deter certain buyers, but simply add a splash here and there in your otherwise neutral styling.

    Check everything is in order

    Prospective buyers have a knack for finding faults in places you wouldn’t even think to check – or simply don’t even register as you’ve lived there so long. Make sure all your lighting, wiring and plumbing is in top shape prior to viewings. You’ll also want to check for any scratches, cracks or stains which can be easily fixed. As for cleaning, trust us when we say it’s well worth your money to hire a professional.

    Stage a scene

    While you don’t want personal artefacts left in the property, that doesn’t mean the home should now be devoid of personality. Too many homes enter the market looking like showrooms – beautiful to look at, but almost too clinical to live in. Make sure to add details that feel comforting. We’re talking about an open book on your bedside table that invites you in for a snuggle, or servingware in the dining room that makes you imagine having friends over for a housewarming.

    Wow your potential buyers

    Are you selling your home? Do you need styling? Get in touch with us and we’ll organise a free consultation to get to know you and your property. You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form.

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