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    1 February 2023

    Furniture upgrades that instantly level up your interiors

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    A simple furniture upgrade can instantly and dramatically change your home. 

    Have you been wanting to level up your interiors but don’t know where to start? Some of these furniture upgrades are economical, while others go the whole nine yards – the point is, whatever your budget and scope, you can and should add the wow factor to your home!

    Entrance: console

    The entrance is one of those areas of the home which can easily get in disarray. You’ve got keys hanging on hooks, shoes chucked in the corner, and bits and bobs scattered from here to Sunday. Keep it all in order with a stylish console table – one with drawers, shelves or compartments will help you stay organised.

    Living: velvet-style sofa

    Velvet is a fabric which calls royalty to mind, and you’ll certainly feel like a king or queen sitting on your own velvet sofa. It is surprisingly durable and easy to clean, and the unique texture gives depth to modern spaces. Just avoid crushed velvet, which can come off tacky.

    Bedroom: king-sized bed

    What is more luxurious than sprawling out on a king-sized bed? If your room (and budget) can handle this upgrade, we say go for it. Plus, you’ll have even more space for throw rugs and cushions! You really don’t need more reason than that.

    Kitchen: marble-effect counters

    Worn or outdated counters can seriously take down your kitchen’s overall appeal. You could replace these with new marble, but there are marble-effect laminates which give the same effect for a fraction of the cost and effort.

    Bathroom: freestanding tub

    If you’re going all-out with your home makeover, then go ALL-OUT and invest in a freestanding tub. It’s a distinctive style statement which is sure to wow everyone! The more traditional can choose a classic clawfoot tub, while edgier interior lovers can opt for a minimalist oval design.

    Laundry: unique tapware

    The laundry is perhaps the last place in the house you want to level up, but just because it’s not the bedroom or kitchen doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a nice little nook of its own. After all, how many hours do we spend doing laundry?! One quick and easy upgrade is switching up the tapware – think a bronze or matte black faucet with matching taps.

    Need the wow factor for your property?

    Whether you’re putting your house on the market, making over your current home, or investing in your business, we can level up your interiors. Get in touch at or 02 9531 2233, or use the contact form and our team will be in touch to organise a free consultation.

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