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    9 August 2021

    5 ways to boost your bathroom’s appeal

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    Your bathroom doesn’t have to be all function and no flair.

    In fact, we think infusing your bathroom with a little personality is a great way to lure in potential buyers. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, or something a little more daring – a beautiful bathroom is sure to help boost your home’s appeal…

    Add greenery

    We add greenery to every property we style. Not only do plants instantly add freshness and brightness to a space, but buyers love them, too. While you might not initially think of placing a plant in your bathroom, often bathrooms can be small and dark so adding a touch of greenery can really breathe new life into the room. Just be thoughtful about the types of plants you select for your bathroom as you want to choose varieties that prefer more humid conditions, and perhaps less light than the rest of your home.

    Consider your storage

    A tidy bathroom is an inviting one, so when styling your bathroom, consider your storage space. If you’re lucky enough to have hidden cupboards or drawers beneath your basin then make the most of them by puchasing dividers to keep all your bits and bobs neat and tidy. But if your bathroom is lacking the luxury of space and storage, try to think laterally about how to store your belongings. Ladder shelving, woven baskets and chic boxes can all be efficient ways to create more storage.

    Flashy fixtures & fittings

    Whether or not you’re considering a full reno, or not – a quick way to spruce up your bathroom is to turn your attention to your fixtures and fittings. It could be as simple as replacing any handles on your cupboards or adding a chic brass tap to your basin.

    Replace your towels

    There’s nothing worse than a slightly crunchy old towel – so add a little luxe to your bathroom by investing in good quality plush towels. Just be mindful of your colour scheme. If you have a neutral or light palette, stick with white or neutral-toned towels. If colours are more your thing, try to pick a tone that feels at ease with the rest of your home.

    Create space

    Even when you think you’re stuck for space, it’s possible to create it – even from nowhere! If you’ve got a bath, invest in a cute bathroom caddy to display any beautiful toiletries, or try popping up a floating shelf if you have unused wall space. Even adding a few hooks can help to clear the clutter if there’s not enough room to add more towel rails or shelving.

    Would you like to chat to us about how to boost your home’s appeal and attract potential buyers? Drop us a line below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

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