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    2 May 2022

    The importance of spatial planning in interior styling

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    Spatial planning, while not the most glamorous part of interior styling, is crucial to a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout.

    Before even thinking about choosing your furniture and accessories, you must start the groundwork for spatial planning. Interior styling will be much easier if you do, take it from us! Get your measuring tapes out as we go through the basics.

    Measure twice, style once

    What could be worse than ordering a gorgeous statement sofa, only to find out it throws your entire room out of balance – or worse, doesn’t even fit? Start spatial planning by measuring doors and entrance ways to make sure your furniture will actually make it through (but if it’s flat-pack this might not be an obstacle). As a general rule, make sure your furniture’s diagonal height is less than the diagonal height of the door or you might have issues! If you’re lucky, you might have a pre-existing floorplan to make your life easier.

    Go with the flow

    One thing to keep top of mind when spatial planning is the flow of the space. Not only how the style and colour of each piece connects to the next, but how easily you can move through the space. As you place furniture, take a walk around and note any obstacles that prevent you from moving freely. Is the hallway too narrow for that console? Do you keep stubbing your toe on the coffee table? Often interior stylists will map out a “traffic route” before starting a job, making sure there is always ample walking space between furniture (ideally at least three feet).

    Know your proportions

    Scale and proportion are crucial to spatial planning. These principles ensure a space always looks balanced, never too bare or cluttered. You need to consider how the size and shape of your furniture relates to the room and other pieces. For example, if you have a smaller space, choose low-lying pieces to create a feeling of openness. You’ll also want to make sure there is at least a few inches difference between rugs and the overlaying furniture. Measuring and a little maths will help immensely, but at the end of the day, scale and proportion are best judged by the naked eye.

    Need spatial planning? Interior styling is the way to go!

    A good grasp on spatial planning will save you lots of time and money when styling your home – whether it’s for sale or you simply need a refresh on your property. BOWERBIRD Interiors are experts in creating functional and beautiful spaces, no matter how much or little you have to work with.

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