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    14 March 2022

    Which interior design style is best for selling your home?

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    When it comes to picking an interior design style for selling your home, the options really are endless.

    So what do you do when you’re faced with decisions about contemporary or classic, multicoloured or monochrome? According to one research project, the best styles for adding value to your home are royalcore, Scandinavian and mid-century modern. What does this actually mean? Let’s delve into it.


    Perhaps it’s shows like The Crown and Bridgerton, or the fact that everyone secretly wants to be treated a little like royalty, but there has been an increase in popularity of royalcore or regencycore interiors. This luxurious aesthetic is at odds with minimalist preferences of recent years (more on that in a bit), with ornate patterns and rich hues pulling focus. As you can imagine, it’s not a cheap style to pull off, but we certainly see how it would dazzle home buyers.


    Anyone who’s a bit familiar with interior design – or at least, has got lost in an IKEA – knows that Scandi style is huge. The hallmarks of Scandinavian interiors is a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, coupled with functional storage and softly comfortable textures. It’s an excellent style to replicate for the property market, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers from modern families to young professionals.

    Mid-century modern

    It’s groovy to see mid-century modern interiors coming back into style, with fun colours and shapes inspired by the 60s and 70s. You can expect to see lots of organic lines, abstract artwork and unexpected curvatures flooding the market this year. This style is great for the trendy home buyer, and the nostalgic.

    Which style is best for your home?

    Let’s face it, when it actually comes to making decisions about how to best present your property for sale, trends can only take you so far. In fact, while we love to incorporate on-trend pieces, we don’t typically style a home completely around a trend that’s particularly en vogue. After all, we want buyers to see themselves living in the home forever.

    This calls for a contemporary but timelessly classic approach. Take a look at our Projects and you’ll see the moody glamour of royalcore, the light-bathed minimalism of Scandi and the playful hues of mid-century modern. The idea is to appeal to a wide range of buyers, helping to secure the best price for your home.

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