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    18 October 2019

    Budget tip: only renovate these 2 things

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    Getting your home ready for the market doesn’t have to mean blowing your renovation budget.

    After all, if your selling price doesn’t recoup the costs of your renovation budget, you could be walking away at a loss. Was it really worth adding that fireplace? (Hint: in an Australian climate, definitely not!)

    If your home needs work – but you can’t stretch your renovation budget – there are two things you should focus on. Yep, that’s right – just two.


    Did you know hardwood floors are one of the biggest demands for homebuyers? They’re easy to maintain and let’s be honest, they look great (also, they cool down the house, for that Australian climate we mentioned earlier). You can polish up your current floors, but nothing really beats that first impression of walking into a freshly floored property. This is one investment that can really bump up your sales price.


    We tend to think that all properties can do with a fresh lick of paint before going on the market. Whether you need a full coat or just a few touch-ups, painting is an inexpensive way to make your property look and feel brand new. We recommend neutral tones such as white, grey and cream to broaden your home’s appeal to a wide range of buyers.

    Can we assist you?

    Even if you’re only renovating a couple of things, it can still be a stressful and complicated process. You have to hire tradies, source materials and make sure everything fits with the style of your home. We launched ASSIST by BOWERBIRD to take care of the entire process for you – flooring, painting, removals/storage and cleaning.

    • Fully project-managed (keeping it within your renovation budget)
    • Through a single point of contact
    • With a brand you can trust

    We would love to hear how we can assist you in readying your home for sale.

    You can either call us on 02 9531 2233 or use the contact form.

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