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Our team

The success of our business relies on the strength and passion of our team.


Just as BOWERBIRD Interiors works hard to inspire our customers, we also endeavour to foster creativity and innovation within our team. As individuals, we each have a unique set of skills and expertise that is celebrated and nurtured by our teammates – but it is when we come together as a collective that the magic happens.

No matter the project or challenge that comes our way, we have an innate belief that we are able to work together to keep our promises and bring our vision to life.

Our culture & our values

At BOWERBIRD Interiors, we are values-centric and extremely proud of the playful and purpose-driven culture we have built together. We live by R O C T T:

R – resilience

O – ownership

C – curiosity

T – trust

T – team

We are proud to share our values, priorities and foundations. You can download our culture handbook below.


Our people
Meet the team behind BOWERBIRD
Behind every great business is a stellar team of people – and at BOWERBIRD Interiors, we are lucky to have a community of enthusiastic individuals working behind the scenes to elevate and build our brand. Every team plays an integral role in ensuring our success on a daily basis. We are always working hard, pushing the envelope, forging new ground and achieving our goals. Oh, and we do love to celebrate our wins at our team events over a great spread of food.
Leading from the front and by example, with care and diligence for our business and brand, our leadership team is made up of our Managing Director, Creative Director and Strategy Director who ensure we remain true to our foundations, priorities and values.
Our property stylists are undoubtedly the creative dream team – transforming every project into something of beauty. Their keen eye for detail and flair for creativity is inspiring to witness.
Bringing our creative vision and campaigns to life, our marketing team are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate our brand message and propositions. With a diverse background spanning digital marketing, editorial, photography and design – no project is too big (or too small!) for them to handle.
On the road and on the front lines, our design & relationship team have their finger on the pulse and are equipped to answer any of your property styling or home improvement questions. With a deep-seated knowledge of the property market, they are able to confidently guide our clients through the process.
You can spot these guys driving our trucks (lovingly named BIRD01, BIRD02, BIRD03, BIRD04, BIRD05), stealthily moving furniture in and out of homes, in and out of trucks, and in and out of our warehouse.
These guys are the logistical heavy-lifters, ensuring that at every step of the way, things run smoothly and seamlessly for our customers. Project managing our jam-packed schedules is no easy feat, but these guys manage to do it all with a smile on their face.
Join our team:
Casual Stylists
Are you an up and coming property stylist or interior designer? Do you know how to transform an ordinary space into an aspirational one? We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team of casual stylists. You'll have a design school background and a willingness to work flexibly. Does this sound like you? Get in touch.
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