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    5 October 2020

    The latest property styling statistics you need to know

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    It’s difficult to underestimate the amount of time and forethought that goes into the decision to sell a property.

    You want to be sure and secure in your home’s selling power. After all, buying and selling property is one of the biggest financial milestones many of us will make in our lifetimes. If you don’t do your research right, you could be walking away at a loss.

    It’s time to get attuned with the latest property styling statistics – how and why to sell (and style) your home with return on your investment. The value of property styling is backed up by the latest facts and figures. Want to get the most from your sale? Read on…

    Property styling statistic #1: 90% of buyers can’t visualise living in an empty home

    There’s an unfounded myth that unfurnished homes do better on the market. Actually, most people struggle to envision the potential of an unstaged property. Rooms look smaller without furniture to scale, and any blemishes will be immediately noticeable in a bare room. On the other hand, property stylists maximise the good qualities and capture the imagination of potential buyers. It’s an art.

    Property styling statistic #2: 87% of agents say you can get a higher price

    Yep, through expert styling. The same LJ Hooker survey revealed the vast majority of agents thought property styling would achieve a higher price, and 48% agreed it would lead to an increase in offers. Bear in mind that real estate agents have nothing to get out of promoting property styling – only that it delivers better results for their clients.

    Property styling statistic #3: Boost your sale price by up to 12.5%

    LJ Hooker recently surveyed its top real estate agents in Australia. They found that styling your home could increase the final sale price by between 7.5% and 12.5%. That number is nothing to sneeze at! It could mean the difference between breaking even and turning a profit.

    Property styling statistic #4: Staged homes sell up to 3x faster

    This statistic comes from Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, but we think if you conducted the same research in Australia you would easily get similar results. A study of 330 property professionals found that 86% agree: staged homes sell up to three times faster. In other words, the faster you hire a property stylist, the faster the money is in your bank account.

    Property styling statistic #5: More than 95% of BOWERBIRD styled properties achieved return on investment

    We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but when you think about the erratic ups and downs of the Australian property market in the past decade, the fact we’ve continued to maintain this success rate is pretty impressive. If that doesn’t speak to the power of good styling, we don’t know what will!

    Property styling statistic #6: You can get funding up to $25,000 with BOWERBIRD BLACK

    If you’re selling your home, you need to turn to experts you can trust to maximise your market potential. But if you still need some extra assurance, BOWERBIRD BLACK removes any upfront payment for property styling, cosmetic renovation and marketing payments. Approved applicants only have to pay at settlement or 107 days – whichever occurs first. 

    If you’re interested in BOWERBIRD BLACK, call us on 02 9531 2233 or fill in your details on the contact form. We’ll be in touch!

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