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    8 January 2023

    Our top 3 eco-friendly home design tips

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    New Year. New home. With more people than ever realising the importance of sustainable living – and making resolutions that reflect this – it’s not surprising that the interest in eco-friendly design continues to rise. In fact, a quick Google search brings up over 248 million pages offering information on the topic. 

    If you’d like to take a sustainable approach to interior design in 2023, these tips by our Interior Design team are a great place to start.

    Materials inspired by mother nature 

    One of the easiest ways to incorporate eco-friendly design into your home is to reconsider the materials used to furnish your living spaces. 

    Solar panels and low-energy light bulbs are a great starting point, but some even simpler (and less expensive alternatives) to extend the green ethos to your interiors include investing in sustainable materials that require less processing and fewer resources to produce when compared to furniture made from non-renewable materials. 

    For example, opt for shelving made from reclaimed wood, storage units featuring bamboo, cork and rattan, accessories in recycled glass, and upholstery that switches out polyester fabrics for natural alternatives like organic cotton, hemp and linen. 

    Colour me cool

    Before you hit blast on the air conditioner, consider swapping your furnishings to light, non-heat-absorbing shades for a surprisingly easy eco-friendly design tip.

    As light colours reflect heat (and dark tones absorb it), decorating with whites, creams and nudes is a simple way to cool down your home, without relying on the added energy required to run a split-cycle AC.

    Paired with the fact that pretty pastels – like a dusty pink couch, aqua bed throw or even breezy lemon curtains – are some of the hottest hues in summer home design, it’s pretty clear how they can help you create a home that’s literally one of the coolest on the block. 

    Go Green

    Decorating with indoor plants has myriad benefits – to your health, the aesthetic of your home, and of course the environment. 

    As indoor plants have the ability to absorb toxins in the air and release oxygen in exchange, you can effectively improve air quality without relying on synthetic fragrances or electricity-heavy fans. Plus you can save on the purchase of accessories, with most pot plants doing double duty as an attractive decorative addition to your home!

    Our Interior Design team creates bespoke furniture packages around your style and vision for the project (think eco-friendly design). To find out how we can bring your dream interiors to life, reach out at or on 02 9531 2233.

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