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    4 March 2021

    Meet Geoff, our Managing Director

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    Meet Geoff – business chameleon, managing director and our fearless leader. He is the mastermind behind (most) things happening at BOWERBIRD Interiors, both creative and technical. From running high-performance sales teams, Geoff switched course to pursue BOWERBIRD Interiors full-time with Lauren back in 2015 – with a brand new family and a second child along the way. They sold their home, took a leap of faith and put everything into the business you see today. Here we are, 8 years on from when BOWERBIRD Interiors was first founded, Geoff still leaves the office every day, thanking us.

    We sat down and asked him a few questions about his journey, success and inspiration. Watch the video to hear what he said, or read on below!

    What does a typical morning look like for you?

    A typical morning for me looks like: up early, coffee in the morning… from there it’s into the gym, it’s breakfast, it’s arguing with the kids about getting dressed for school. And then I’m off.

    Do you prefer structure or spontaneity?

    Structure. It’s so funny, it’s like, whatever you asked Lauren and her answers, I’m the opposite. I like to create space in my diary for creativity. I don’t like to always stack my diary back to back.

    Where were you before you started BOWERBIRD Interiors?

    Immediately before starting BOWERBIRD Interiors, I was at BMW running a sales team there. That was fun, but it was time to move on and do something for ourselves.

    What pushed you to change careers & focus on BOWERBIRD Interiors?

    BOWERBIRD Interiors was running before I came into it full-time. We saw an opportunity Рwe wanted to create something for our family, we wanted to create something for other families, and we wanted to create something bigger than ourselves and opportunities for people. We made a decision as a family that we were going to go all-in. And so, at that time, I quit my job, I sold my house. We had a brand new baby with a second along the way, and we just decided that we were going to have a red-hot crack at this and so we put everything we had into BOWERBIRD Interiors.

    What does success mean to you?

    I think success is a very personal concept. For me, success is how I feel in here (taps chest) and up here (taps head). It’s not about shiny things or dollars in the bank. There’s no yard stick to measure off other people or other things, it’s internal.

    How do you inspire your team or others?

    I don’t know if I do haha. I guess from early on in my career, I’ve always had good mentors. One of the things I’ve always resonated with is that leadership and inspiring people is a very selfless act. So I suppose, I try to be selfless in the decisions that we make. It’s not about me – it’s about the bigger picture, it’s about the team and the business.

    What inspires you?

    From a business point of view, what inspires me the most is when I see my team doing things that I haven’t directed. Like this, for example – and that’s why I’m sitting here doing this. Because, you know, I see or hear things going on in the business that are really positive, that I haven’t had the hand in, and that really inspires me.

    What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to?

    Take Lauren to Italy.

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