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    11 December 2020

    The interior design trends we’re saying goodbye to in 2021

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    2021 is a good opportunity to say goodbye to the interior design trends that have worn out their welcome. Out with the old and in with the new!

    The following interior design trends have been ubiquitous in interior magazines, Instagram feeds and display homes. While we’ve even dabbled in a few of them, we think it’s fair to say that they have had their day in the sun. Our prediction is these trends will fade out in 2021, leaving room for new and fresh ideas. And we can’t wait!

    Note: If you personally love any of these interior design trends, you don’t need to completely remodel or rethink that decor you’ve had your eye on. As we always say, the important thing is you are comfortable and happy in your home.

    Bye-bye, brutalism

    Brutalist interior design is sparse and stripped back to the point of being uncomfortable. We’ve always thought that if your scheme is so minimal you don’t even know where to sit, you’ve gone too far. While we can understand this interior design trend from an artistic standpoint, we predict that in 2021 there will be a return to homes that look and feel like homes.

    Farewell fairy lights

    Unless you’re an indie songwriter looking to update your Tumblr aesthetic… or it’s Christmas… you should probably put the fairy lights away. Unfortunately, fairy lights can look a little childish and don’t actually give off much light at all. The only exception is outdoor lighting – even the most minimalist can’t deny the magic of wining and dining under fairy lights.

    Exit, exposed brick

    The hipster trend of exposed brick looks great on Instagram but can be a nightmare in reality. Stripping back drywall is a messy and exhausting endeavour, and the exposed bricks are a trap for dust and mould. We predict this interior design trend won’t age well and might be a difficult selling point in future years. If you really love the look, go for a smaller feature wall.

    Peace out, pink

    Millennial pink has unfortunately become overexposed to the level that it’s a cliché. So we’re hitting pause on soft dreamy shades of pink, at least for now. The same goes for its partner in crime – rose gold. There’s nothing wrong with a little pink accent here and there, but the past few years it really has been like looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses.

    Cheerio, circular sofas

    Futuristic circular sofas only belong on the set of Star Trek. We honestly don’t see the appeal of doughnut-shaped sofas as you can simply buy a corner sofa and get the same effect while actually saving more space. This interior design trend is one of those that simply exist to be different, but sometimes the old way is best for a reason.

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