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    2 July 2021

    8 interior design rules that were meant to be broken

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    Interior design rules are there for a reason. But we also know that the rules are made to be broken – as long as you know what you’re doing.

    Here are some interior design rules that you don’t always have to pay attention to. After all, styling is supposed to be creative, innovative and fun!

    Rule #1 – Don’t mix textiles or patterns

    We get the logic with this one – too many clashing materials can make your interiors look busy. But without mixing and matching, there’s also the risk everything will be a little flat and boring. Our tip is to find mismatched fabrics with at least one similar element, such as colour, to tie it all together. 

    Rule #2 – Symmetry is best

    Symmetrical interior design gives a stunning effect, but it can be a little formal for some homes. Opting for a scheme with asymmetrical balance makes your interiors visually interesting but a bit more laidback. It’s really up to what you want your home to feel like!

    Rule #3 – Stick to one interior design style

    What for? We think you can take elements you like from every time and place in the world. We even blend our own Design Direction sometimes if the property calls for it. You never want to be limited in what you create.

    Rule #4 – Mirrors only in the bedroom and bathroom

    We love a leaned mirror or statement mirror wall in the living room. Mirrors aren’t just for checking your outfit – in interior design, they help to reflect natural light and make spaces appear bigger. If you find one in a statement shape, they even function as shiny pieces of art.

    Rule #5 – Fake plants are tacky

    Real plants not only look amazing but help to collect dust and oxygenate the air. That said, sometimes you need fakery, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home or are getting your property ready for sale (no buyer wants to see a dead ficus). Fake plants have come a long way and now look extremely realistic, coming in eco-friendly recycled materials too. 

    Rule #6 – Use small furniture in small spaces

    When decorating a small room, your priority is to enhance empty space, right? So you would probably opt for small furniture, but that isn’t always the right choice. In fact, small furniture can make a small space look even more skimpy. One comfortable piece of furniture with some bulk to it, such as a plush sofa, is going to be more attractive than several smaller pieces.

    Rule #7 – Avoid dark colours

    You can use dark hues – if you have enough natural light to get away with it! While we generally always recommend keeping floors and walls a light shade, you can fill your home with moody furniture and decor to your heart’s desire. When done right, it’s so modern and striking.

    Rule #8 – Neutrals are boring

    Sometimes people say you should have a pop of colour in every room, but we disagree. You can get just as much appeal with neutral shades, especially if you are trying a minimalist or coastal scheme. Beige is no longer an insult – just look at other ways to create visual interest through shape and texture.

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