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    20 November 2020

    Trend alert: industrial interiors

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    Walk into any hipster cafe or loft-style apartment and you’ll see that industrial interiors are getting more popular.

    So how can you get the industrial interiors look without turning your home into a factory warehouse? Here are our best tips to easily add a twist of industrial interiors to your home and make a statement with a rugged, effortlessly unfinished aesthetic.

    Raw materials

    The industrial look is never too polished, so choose furniture and fittings with a raw finish. For example, a reclaimed wood table (complete with imperfections) or cabinetry made from brushed steel. Steer clear of dainty ceramics and definitely plastic!

    Open plan

    Industrial homes often have an open plan scheme (it must be to do with so many of them being converted warehouses or lofts!). The benefits of an open plan design include better flow of natural light and an informal, casual vibe. If you don’t have an open plan home, no need to get out the sledgehammer – check out our blog on how to fake an open plan house.

    Exposed brick

    You either love it or you hate it, but you can’t deny that exposed brick gives a home an instantly effortless industrial look. Of course, unless your home is still being built, there is actually a lot of effort that goes into stripping back paint or plaster. If you love the look, we’d recommend going with an exposed brick feature wall – far less work and it won’t overwhelm your home either.

    Live wires

    Lampshades are so yesterday when it comes to industrial interiors. Instead, go for bare bulbs with visible filaments and bold metal fixings. If you only want a touch of the industrial look, we’d recommend doing this!

    Minimal fuss

    Industrial interiors are all about stripping everything back. So if you think you might have one too many cushions or overdone it with the scented candle arrangement, here’s a great opportunity to refine your style. You’ll clear the clutter and find out what you really like!

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