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    12 May 2023

    Celebrating the heart of our team, Happy Mother’s Day to our Creative Director

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    This Mother’s Day, we have the absolute pleasure of honouring one very special person: our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Lauren Lewis. Every day she brings kindness, creativity, inspiration and an abundance of talent to her role at our studio. She strives to make each project unique and has been credited with creating some truly amazing works. Her dedication to her craft knows no bounds and is a testament to motherhood itself – one based on perseverance, hard work and self-care that carries over in all aspects of life. We couldn’t be prouder of Lauren or more grateful for her commitment to our team; this Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate her!

    Lauren’s passion for styling homes is a true work of art – with her creative vision, our team is empowered and uplifted with an innovative focus to create spaces that truly embody the personality of the project at hand. What’s even more impressive is how she manages to balance her work with her love for her kids. Her children are more than just a source of inspiration for her; they fuel her artistry and bring out the best in her. From school drop-offs to beach outings on the weekends, Lauren’s love for her kids is what keeps her going. It’s her love for her family that translates into her love for her work, creating spaces that truly feel like home to those who live there. There’s no doubt that Lauren’s love for her work and her love for her kids go hand in hand, creating a blissful harmony that is simply inspiring.

    Though Mother’s Day comes once a year, we mustn’t forget the life-long commitment of maternal figures in our lives. In the end, mothers are more than just caretakers – they are emotional architects, guiding us through the easier paths in life. So, this Mother’s Day, celebrate your maternal figure however you can; whether it’s by showing off your cooking skills with a homemade dinner or writing them a sweet note – remember to show that gratitude lasts much longer than one day!

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