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    17 April 2024

    Elevating Build-to-Rent with Innovative Interior Decoration & Furniture Solutions

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    Drawing from over a decade of experience in Interior Design and Property Styling in both the residential and commercial sector, BOWERBIRD brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding what buyers, sellers and tenants want.

    Having extensive experience in navigating diverse projects and showcasing adaptability and creativity across various property types, we’ve been paying close attention to the ever-evolving landscape of Build-to-Rent. The Build-to-Rent sector has emerged as a significant player in Australia’s real estate landscape, gaining momentum as both developers and investors recognise its potential.


    At BOWERBIRD, we are committed to assisting our clients to elevate this asset class, providing tenants with an enviable lifestyle and Instagram worthy environment in which to live, work and play. Having entered the Build-to-Rent sector some years ago specialising in furnishing boutique accommodation offerings in high-end Sydney suburbs. We have now emerged as a key National supplier of fully customised, commercial grade furniture and styling schemes for both common areas fit out and furnished apartment projects. Our service offering provides tenants high-quality living with elevated Interior Design, making the tenant feel at home, giving them a sense of belonging, comfort and community, in style.

    With the growing demand for rental housing, and housing in general, particularly among younger demographics and urban dwellers seeking flexibility and convenience, our aesthetics have found a home in this market, with favourable demographic trends aligned to what we do best.

    As the Build-to-Rent market continues to mature, our team here at BOWERBIRD promises to be a significant team player in helping to reshape the rental landscape in Australia, paving the way for its continued growth and evolution.

    Our seasoned team of commercial Interior Designers offer comprehensive solutions tailored for the Build-to-Rent sector. From concept to installation, we prioritise functionality, durability and aesthetics, aligning seamlessly with emerging industry trends.

    Together, our insights and experience can help to optimise Build-to-Rent ventures, create efficiencies, and support the path to success.

    Written by:

    Charlotte Dub

    Head of Design

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