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    20 June 2024

    Navigating Seller Resistance

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    In the world of real estate, the power of first impressions is paramount. As Property Stylists, we see firsthand how a perfectly styled property not only captures the eye but also the heart of potential buyers. However, convincing sellers of the value of Property Styling can often be a challenge. Fear not, because we’re here to share our experience to hopefully empower your conversations around Property Styling with sellers to relieve their resistance.

    Firstly, let’s address the common misconceptions. Many sellers view Property Styling as an unnecessary expense rather than an investment. We need to reframe this perspective. Let’s highlight the statistics: professionally styled homes typically sell faster and at higher prices. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), professionally styled homes typically sell faster and at higher prices. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) reports that a well-presented home can yield a return on investment of up to 10% more than its unstaged counterpart.

    From our perspective as Property Stylists, we see the transformation that styling brings. Sellers might not initially understand the impact, but when we show them the statistics and our portfolio of success stories, the value becomes clear. It’s about creating an environment where potential buyers can see themselves living—an emotional connection that turns interest into offers.

    Next, we need to emphasise this emotional connection. Buyers make snap judgments, often within the first few moments of viewing a property. An impeccably styled home allows them to envision their future, creating an emotional bond that makes the property irresistible. We love sharing success stories where our styling transformed ordinary spaces into buyer magnets. These anecdotes are powerful—they make the benefits of styling tangible and relatable.

    We also find that visual aids are incredibly effective. Before-and-after photos provide a compelling visual narrative that words alone cannot achieve. When sellers see the transformative magic of Property Styling, their scepticism wanes. These visuals show the stark difference that a little professional touch can make, turning an empty or cluttered space into a dream home.

    Lastly, let’s offer a pragmatic perspective. Explain the logistics: a styled home stands out in online listings, drawing more interest and foot traffic. In a competitive market, this increased exposure can make all the difference. As property stylists, we ensure that every corner of a home is presented in its best light, which in turn helps real estate agents by making their job of selling the property easier and more efficient.

    In our experience, once sellers see the transformation and understand the financial and emotional benefits, they quickly come on board. It’s about working together—real estate agents and property stylists—to create an irresistible package that attracts buyers and maximises the property’s potential.

    By sharing our dual insights and experiences, we can help sellers see the true value of property styling. It’s not just about making a home look beautiful; it’s about creating a space that buyers can fall in love with, ensuring that the selling process is smooth, successful, and rewarding for everyone involved.

    If you need our help to support your client through their selling journey, please contact us today.

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