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    6 September 2019

    Can you fake natural light? We think so!

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    Poor natural light is often a dealbreaker for home buyers. Nobody wants to live in a cave, after all.

    So, what can you do if your property has windowless rooms or doesn’t get much light due to obstructions (nearby trees or high-rises)? Fear not. Property stylists are skilled at converting gloomy dungeons into vibrant spaces you’d swear have big north-facing windows. Fake natural light with these illuminating tips!

    Live wires

    Nothing beats real sunlight, but with the right lightbulb, you can get pretty close. Replace any dim fixtures with good-quality bulbs, which mimic natural “white” light best. As a bonus, halogen bulbs are more energy-efficient than classic incandescents. Make sure to layer your lighting with different light sources, such as ceiling, table and floor lamps. This will create a balanced, natural feel (while a uniformly lit room can feel a bit austere).

    White magic

    It’s no surprise a white colour theme instantly makes a home look brighter. White surfaces also reflect light, so you technically need less artificial lighting in a white room! Even if your house already has a pale colour palette, it’s worth giving your walls a fresh coat of paint and updating your soft furnishings. We particularly love using lightweight cotton for a breezy coastal vibe.

    Smoke and mirrors

    Mirrors are your new best friend! Not only do they make rooms feel more spacious, but they also bounce off light, instantly enlivening a dark room. If you’re working in a windowless space, a large panelled mirror can even give the illusion of a window. Hot tip: all glossy surfaces reflect light, so opt for things like clear furniture, glass splashbacks and copper decor to amp up the brightness.

    Scale down

    Bulky furniture often blocks light, particularly if placed in front of a window or doorway. To increase light flow, choose low-lying and minimal furniture. The more negative space you have, the more light can fill the space (plus, it’s your opportunity to jettison unnecessary clutter!). 

    Green light

    House plants evoke the feeling of being out in the sunshine without going outside. Plus, they oxygenate the air – what’s not to love? Low light indoor plants include the kentia palm, devil’s ivy and philodendrons.

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