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    9 July 2021

    70s interior trends that are back in style

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    Groovy, baby! 70s interior trends are back and better than ever.

    Do you want to add a little nostalgia to your home? Here are a few 70s interiors trends that are making a revival – and how to style them without going over the top.


    The 70s conjures up images of rainbows and flower power, but anyone who lived through it will tell you that the interior trends erred on the side of brown, brown and more brown. These days, we’re less heavy-handed with the sepia tones, adding just a few warmer notes in our decor. Try an amber-hued vase or a set of terracotta pots.

    House plants

    Speaking of pots, house plants grew in popularity in the 70s and are currently having a big resurgence. For a real retro vibe, opt for ferns, palm fronds and spider plants. If it looks like an urban jungle, you’re probably going in the right direction.

    Wicker and rattan

    This is one comeback we’re 100% behind. Wicker and rattan adds a natural and casual touch to any modern home. Chairs are the obvious choice, but you can also find woven details with sideboards, bedside and coffee tables, wardrobes and headboards. 

    Egg chairs

    Is there any piece of furniture more 70s than the egg chair? These comfortable and unique designs are on their way back. Just be sure to choose a wicker variety so your home doesn’t look like a set from an Austin Powers film.

    Wood panelling

    There’s something that feels so at home with sunny Australia in wood-panelled walls. We wouldn’t leave them natural as that may feel too dated, but simply paint over the panels with white paint for a light, laidback look.


    Fringe is something that can accent your interiors well, but be careful not to overdo it. While the 70s had fringe-trimmed lampshades, sofas and curtains, we think it’s best to keep fringe to a simple throw rug, cushion or plant holder. Using a thicker natural material such as yarn will keep it from looking kitschy.


    Another textile that was popular in the 70s, velvet is perfect for those wanting a luxurious feel to their home. Supplement your style with jewel-toned velvet cushions, or go all out with a velvet armchair or bed frame.

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