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    15 December 2023

    Sydney’s Restaurant and Bar Hotspots This Holiday Season

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    As Sydney transforms into a canvas of lights and Christmas spirit with after-work drinks, Christmas Parties and everything in between, the city’s culinary scene beckons with an abundance of dining and drinking experiences. This festive season, immerse yourself in the joy of the holidays at some of Sydney’s most trendy venues. 

    Shell House:

    Situated in the heart of Sydney, the Shell House stands as a testament to an immersive culinary experience, paired with its beautiful interiors. The menu by Culinary Director Joel Bickford, focuses on carefully sourced produce, presenting simple, refined dishes that are infused with Australian provenance yet bear the mark of the Mediterranean way of life. Whether you want to enjoy an afternoon drink in the Sky Bar or enjoy an elevated culinary experience in the Dining Room and Terrace, the Shell House is the perfect setting for a festive celebration.

    Promenade Bondi Beach:

    For those seeking sun, sand, and a festive feast, Promenade Bondi Beach is the go-to destination. This iconic venue offers a beachside location with a holiday-inspired menu that captures the essence of Bondi’s laid-back charm. Picture yourself savouring delectable dishes and sipping on a crisp cocktail while the ocean breeze carries the spirit of festive celebration. Promenade Bondi Beach ensures a Christmas experience that combines coastal beauty with culinary excellence.

    Bobby’s Cronulla:

    Nestled in the heart of Cronulla, Bobby’s is a new coastal gem that embraces the festive season with open arms. With its vibrant atmosphere and creative cocktails, Bobby’s Cronulla offers a unique holiday experience. The menu showcases a fusion of flavours, blending local ingredients with global inspirations. Celebrate the season at Bobby’s, where the beach meets delicious cuisine.

    Matteo Double Bay:

    Celebrate silly season the Matteo way with great wine, delicious Italian dishes and a lively atmosphere. Known for its famous Vodka Rigatoni, Matteo in Double Bay is the perfect spot for a festive catch-up with friends or family over an Italian dinner and cocktails. With its funky interiors and regular celebrity clientele, Matteo is the current Doube Bay Culinary hotspot for those looking for a trendy ambience as well as a fantastic meal. 


    Tucked away in Paddington, Fred’s exudes warmth and charm, making it a perfect setting for a festive gathering. With its rustic elegance and a commitment to farm-to-table dining, Fred’s invites you to experience the holidays with a touch of nostalgia. The menu at Fred’s showcases the best of seasonal produce, ensuring a celebration not to be forgotten.

    This festive season, Sydney’s culinary experiences reach new heights with these venues. From the inner-city Shell House to the ambience of Promenade Bondi Beach, the coastal charm of Bobby’s Cronulla, the upscale allure of A’Mare Crown, and the cosy elegance of Fred’s – each venue promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Embrace the joy of the holidays as you embark on a culinary journey through Sydney’s finest this festive season.

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