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    13 September 2023

    Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Life (Without Ever Picking Up a Broom)

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    Spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect time to refresh not just your living space, but also your lifestyle routines. While most people associate spring cleaning with decluttering their homes, there are other aspects of your habits that could benefit from a thorough “spring clean.” Here are four ways to spring clean your life, that don’t have a single thing to do with actually cleaning.

    Feast on fresh fare

    Spring doesn’t simply signify a shift in weather. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the fresh foods that result from this change and transform your eating habits in the process.

    The season brings forth an array of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of this natural abundance to revamp your diet. Begin by exploring your local farmer’s markets and grocery stores for seasonal produce. Not only does in-season produce taste better, but it’s also packed with more nutrients. Another crucial aspect of spring cleaning your diet involves reducing your consumption of processed and packaged foods. While bowls of crisps and rich desserts probably make those winter nights-in a little more bearable, these convenience items are often loaded with unhealthy additives and preservatives. Opt for whole foods like grains, lean proteins, and fresh produce instead. Finally, as the temperatures rise, stay hydrated by swapping out sugary beverages for a refreshing glass of water, herbal teas, or water infused with slices of citrus or cucumber. Combined, these small changes can have a significant impact on your overall wellbeing.

    Renew your skincare routine 

    Just as you adapt your wardrobe with the changing seasons, it’s equally important to adjust your skincare routine to accommodate the spring weather. 

    Firstly, update your moisturisers. Bid farewell to the heavier winter creams and opt for lighter, hydrating options that are better suited for the warmer climate. Secondly, exfoliation is key. As you transition from the dry, cold months of winter, incorporate gentle exfoliation into your skincare regimen. This practice will help slough off dead skin cells, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. Thirdly, don’t forget sun protection. With more time spent outdoors in the spring, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen daily. Shielding your skin from harmful UV rays is an essential part of any skincare routine. Finally, prioritise hydration. Whether it’s by drinking your recommended 2-litres, or tackling dryness from the outside, a combination of plenty of water alongside hydrating serums and masks will replenish moisture and leave you feeling glowed up. 

    A digital detox

    In today’s fast-paced digital world, a springtime digital detox can be just as rejuvenating as cleaning out your physical spaces.  To begin, set designated times each day to unplug from your devices. By doing so, you’ll reduce your screen time and reconnect with the tangible world around you. Next, declutter your digital space. Organise your emails, files, and apps. Delete unnecessary files, unsubscribe from email lists that no longer serve you, and tidy up your social media accounts. Establish clear boundaries for screen use, particularly during family time or in the lead-up to bedtime. Creating “no-phone” zones within your home can be an effective way to regain control over your digital life. Finally, make it a point to reconnect with nature. Spring offers the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the season. Whether it’s a hike, a picnic, or a leisurely walk in the park, immersing yourself in nature can serve as a rejuvenating break for your mind.

    Fix your financial habits

    As you embrace the spirit of renewal that spring brings, it’s an excellent time to take a closer look at your financial habits. Begin by reviewing your budget to ensure it aligns with your financial goals. Look for areas where you can trim unnecessary expenses and redirect those funds toward more meaningful priorities. Consider boosting your savings contributions. Whether you’re saving for emergencies, retirement, or a special goal, increasing your savings can bring you closer to financial security. If you have outstanding debts, develop a plan to pay them down, starting with high-interest debts. Eliminating debt is a significant step toward achieving financial stability and freedom. Lastly, revisit your investment portfolio and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it aligns with your long-term financial objectives. Regularly monitoring your investments can help you make informed decisions and potentially grow your wealth over time.

    What are your favourite ways to refresh, rejuvenate and renew your life, and create a healthier, happier you this Spring season?

    Image credit: Pexel

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