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    20 July 2023

    Modern Interiors with a Traditional Twist – It’s a Classic!

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    This is one interior concept that’s an absolute classic and will never, ever go out of style. It’s all about blending those modern vibes with a vintage twist. Since minimalism became all the rage, we’ve been heading towards cleaner looks, ditching those heavy design structures and furniture from back in the day! But you know what? Minimalism isn’t just about having less stuff or clean lines. It’s about keeping what really matters and not being a hoarder.

    We all have something special, whether it’s a family treasure passed down from our parents or grandparents, or a cool vintage find from a thrift store or a local market. This concept is all about integrating those vintage elements into our modern home decor, giving it some serious character without feeling like we stepped straight out of a ’60s movie.

    Combining Boxy and Curves:

    We all know why bulky, boxy furniture has been left in the past—it just eats up so much space, doesn’t it? But Mid-century decor was crafted with one major thing in mind: to withstand the test of time and resist easy damage. Though, let’s admit it, it can come off a bit cold sometimes… But here’s an idea for adding it to your space: why not team up your favourite mid-century pieces with some curvy furniture or decor? It’ll take your living space to a whole new level! Whether it’s full-on voluptuous or gently rounded lounges or coffee tables, these curvy beauties bring a touch of softness to your layout while the mid-century elements add a bold design focus.

    Traditional colour palettes and modern design elements

    Incorporating traditional colour palettes into modern interior design can be a bit tricky to nail, but when done right, the results are absolutely stunning. The key is to strike a balance between the old and the new, creating a space that is both sophisticated and welcoming.

    Rusty orange and deep blue are just two examples of colours that can be used to add a touch of vintage charm to a modern living space. When paired with clean, modern pieces like sleek tanned leather sofas and minimalist coffee tables, the effect is positively breathtaking.

    Another way to blend the old with the new is by experimenting with textures and patterns. Placing a checked rug on a light-coloured wood floor creates a sense of warmth and comfort, while mixing in a few pieces of furniture with textures brings a modernist touch to the space.

    Heirlooms as statement pieces.

    One of the best ways to add character and depth to your interiors is by incorporating heirlooms as statement pieces. These treasured items can serve as the focal point of a room and help tie together the overall aesthetic. Each piece holds a unique history and story, which makes for great conversation starters. Whether it’s an antique dresser, a vintage art piece, or a retro light fixture, incorporating heirlooms into your design can add unparalleled charm and character. Plus, choosing to decorate with heirlooms is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to decorate – repurposing and reimagining treasured items from generations before us.

    Balance is the key

    Mixing vintage and modern furniture and decor can create a unique and trendy look, but it’s important to strike the right balance. Too much vintage can easily make a space look outdated and cluttered, while too much modern decor can feel cold and clinical. You want to create a harmonious flow that allows both vintage and modern pieces to shine. Incorporating vintage pieces can add character and history to a room, while modern pieces can add a sleek and contemporary feel. By finding the right balance, you can create a space that feels cohesive, stylish and timeless.

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