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    12 January 2024

    Our Head of Marketing Speaks out on: Leaning into ‘These’ Things in 2024

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    As the curtains rise in 2024, I find myself carefully committing to a different approach in both work and family life. I thought I would share with you all five core principles I am leaning into this year, each contributing to a more wholesome and useful existence, and maybe, just maybe, my sentiment may act as an empowering kick-start for you also. 

    It’s good to say yes, but it is also good to say no:

    In a world teeming with opportunities and demands, I am embracing the wisdom of discernment. Saying YES to an ocean swim at 8 pm at night, a public speaking event that could send shock waves and excel our business, to as mundane as taking out the bins, or reading your child one last book before bed. Saying YES to the things that push you and your loved ones to greatness, that elevate your health and well-being, or strengthen your career – GREAT, and if these things scare the bejeebers out of you, even better! When I say yes, I tell myself that this is a way to acknowledge openness, collaboration, and a willingness to contribute. This year, more YES’ to GREAT and necessary things is a commitment I am making. 

    BUT (yes, there is a BUT), equally important, is saying NO. Surely you can relate… You begrudgingly say yes to yet another friend’s BBQ, for the third weekend in a row, when all you want to do is be with your family and catch up on the ten loads of laundry that have been ignored all week long. Or you say yes to a project deadline set in an unrealistic time frame, because “no” will disappoint, but then you disappoint anyway because it was knowingly unachievable. Saying no actually empowers me to focus and dedicate time to the endeavours that align with my core values. This principle underlines my belief that true impact arises and progress is made from thoughtful and intentional choices. This year, I will be leaning into the strength and bravery to say no to things that just simply do not serve me, my success in business, and the happiness of not only myself but the people around me who matter.

    Conscious Eating:

    In 2024, I am reevaluating my relationship with food (oof personal hey!), understanding that my body, the vessel that gave life to two beautiful children, the life raft that carries my career supporting the brain inside it, deserves to be nourished mindfully. Last year, I found myself clinging on to the wrong foods as a useless tool to support me in moments of stress, exhaustion, frustration, boredom, a fake villain offering itself to me as instant gratification and happiness. It’s ok, it happens, and it’s not so much about the scales as it is for my overall health, vital to improving my energy source, and my mental disposition. So, this year, conscious eating involves being more aware of my nutritional choices, avoiding excessive sugars, and appreciating the journey of food from source to plate. It’s a reminder that every bite is an opportunity to make a positive impact on my personal well-being and actually, a very real secondary consideration is how the food choices I make impact the broader global community.

    Empowering Minds for Economic Survival:

    Focusing on education and skill development for not only myself but also to benefit the people in my inner sanctum. I think that I wouldn’t be the only one feeling the pressure of the current state of our economy. Over my lifetime, I have always leaned into my experience in renovating/flipping homes to progress my way through this world for financial gain, but, we’re in turbulent waters, property markets are like bouncy balls, and the experts are conflicting with one another. I hope to really embark on deep economic learning in which I will mull over, chew on, and share, to empower our BOWERBIRD community, and the people I care about, with the ultimate aim to provide economic resilience and security. My focus this year extends beyond ‘the now’; it involves equipping myself and others with the tools and knowledge to navigate economic challenges and meaningfully build a sustainable future.

    Quality Time with Everything:

    In 2024, I’m leaning into intentional and purpose-driven living (gosh I hope that doesn’t sound too corny). More so than ever before, I’ve recognised the preciousness of time. Perhaps Inspired by the mindfulness of my children, I aim to be fully present wherever I am. When I am at work, I am giving the people who need my time, time…undisrupted, distraction-free, time. It’s that simple. And, when I get home, and my children and partner need my time, it is there…the phone disappears. Don’t forget, time to myself is almost the most important whether I am ready to admit it or not, because I have seen what no time for myself does to everyone around me, and it ain’t pretty! That might even mean just a simple 15-minute walk around the block during my lunch break. It makes an incredible difference. 

    On reflection, COVID perhaps helped to empower productivity and learn the art of quality time, not only through the intensity of being stuck in the same space with your loved ones but also through more purpose-driven work, we all had to jump to the evolution of remote working, virtual meetings, which in my opinion allowed us to pivot, instead of wasting time chatting around the kitchen at work talking about each other’s weekends for far too long, we were forced to schedule virtual catch ups, in designated time windows, allowing us all to be more accountable of what we talk about, when and why. By reducing time wastage and embracing efficiency in each day, moments naturally become more purposeful, resulting in deeper connections with those around me.

    Find Joy in More:

    Acknowledging the weight of daily tasks, I am determined to find joy in the ordinary. Despite the challenges I am sure we all face in our working and home life, I’m committed to slowing down the time in moments I previously deemed mundane, to actually experience them. Don’t get me wrong, not trying to deny that bath time with my kids, after a long day at work isn’t a struggle, and while these may seem monotonous and hard now, they will become nostalgic memories that everyone who has surpassed these daily rituals tell me we shouldn’t wish it away, because they now wish those moments back. This principle encourages me to appreciate the richness in everyday experiences, transforming seemingly routine tasks into snippets of bliss.

    So, here goes, 2024 marks a pivotal year in my journey towards a more purpose-driven life. Through intentional decision-making, conscious living, self-care, empowerment, quality time, and finding joy in more, I aspire to create a positive ripple effect in my life and the lives of those around me. These principles, rooted in compassion and mindfulness, guide me towards a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our actions and the profound impact they can have.

    If you’ve read to this point, thank you, I hope this acted as a hot air balloon of relatable life experience to help support you in your 2024 ventures, and as my mum still says to me daily, “Just do the best you can”. 



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