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    29 June 2023

    Designing for wellness: Your space matters for your mind …

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    You know what they say, you are what you surround yourself with! And it’s not just about your friends and family, it’s about the space you live in too. Your mind and body need a good environment to thrive, and that includes everything from what you eat to what you hear! I mean, have you ever tried to relax in a cluttered room? Trying to read a book in Sydney’s Pitt Street on a Saturday, it’s just not happening! Our homes can be a major factor in our mental wellbeing, so let’s make them spaces we actually want to be in! In this blog let’s talk about ways to Marie Kondo your living spaces and how it can work wonders for your mental and physical wellness.

    Designing your space should reflect your personal style and lifestyle.
    Your home should speak to you and your unique needs. Sure, a minimalist home like Kim Kardashian’s might look cool, but is it practical for a busy family with little time to clean up? And while “less is more” may be a popular style, does it actually solve your storage and stacking needs? Let’s be real, our home isn’t a showpiece for others, it’s where we thrive. So, let’s keep it organised and clutter-free, which will have a positive effect on your mind too. Need some rearranging tips? For instance, consider adding a side table to have more coffee table space for your decor accessories.

    The power of colours in our homes.
    When it comes to compact kitchens, skip the bold prints and patterns. They just give us sensory overload. Opt instead for calm colours to keep everything in sync. Moody shades are cool, but stay away from bright colours like red or yellow, which can be too stimulating.
    There’s a reason why neutral colours like taupe, grey, and olive are always in style and trending. They’re proven to provide mental peace and a sense of calm.
    They make us zen out. It’s not criminal to go for vivid colours, but be mindful of how much area they cover. From dinnerware to cushion covers, every inch needs to soothe. For instance, if you choose dinner plates with a bold and busy pattern, your focus will be on the print instead of the food. The same goes for cushions – style with two accent colours and mix in textures and solids.

    Let’s talk about natural light, shall we?
    When we were kids, soaking up those rays was the ultimate fun – beach outings, splashing outdoors or diving into the pool. Little did we know, it was also for our health! Turns out, natural light feeds us with the most-needed vitamin D. But as we get older, we choose those expensive pills over the natural sun. Let’s be real, they’re no replacement. Sunlight isn’t just about good health, it heightens our mood and energy levels too. Think of the summer sun compared to those gloomy winter days, you get the drift?

    Here are some tips:
    Start by adding some sheers to your curtains. They’ll soften the light while maintaining privacy. For windowless rooms, get creative, incorporate bright, reflective colours into your space to amplify the natural light and increase productivity.

    Traffic noise is the worst!
    Living in the city or its suburbs can be a bit of a pain with all the noise around us, right? High decibel noise stresses us out and causes unnecessary anxiety. But we shouldn’t have to give up our peace and well-being for our location. One trick is to invest in some thick curtains – they’re like a natural soundproofing solution! And don’t forget about windows that close properly to keep outside noise from creeping in.
    Another cool solution is bringing in a bit of nature – adding some greenery not only looks stunning and gives a relaxing energy, but also keeps the noise waves at bay. Trust me, even if you’re not a fan of nature, you’ll love the outcome with a calm and peaceful home. Give it a try and see how much more peaceful your home becomes!

     A tidy and sorted work area equals a more productive you.
    Decluttering your workspace leads to better focus on your work. Invest in fitting cabinets for your files and papers, grab yourself a proper gadget stand and make sure those cords are stacked neatly without getting tangled or dangling loosely. And, don’t forget to ditch gadgets that are not essential at your workstation. Remember, not everything connected to electricity needs to be around you. 

    Let’s face it, the world can be pretty chaotic sometimes. That’s why it’s extra important to take care of our mental health. Whether it’s at work or at home, creating a nourishing environment is key to staying mentally healthy. Our surroundings also play a huge role in our well-being, so let’s make sure our homes are mental sanctuaries. From the walls to the lighting, decor, plants, and even the kitchen layout, let’s design spaces that promote both our physical and psychological health. Let’s make self-care a priority, shall we?

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