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    3 April 2023

    10 ways to reduce dust in your home

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    Dust. It’s the worst, right?

    It gets everywhere, settles in hard-to-find places, and even triggers allergies. And anybody who’s tried to make their home dust-free will know that it’s impossible to eradicate. Well, almost… 

    These 10 ways to reduce dust in your home will send those dust bunnies hopping away! Plus, our methods are natural (no irritating chemicals here).

    1. Spot where dust collects

    Dust – composed of pollen, pet dander, and dirt – comes mostly from outside. So it makes sense that it can collect heavily on blinds, curtains, and window sills. Other dusty areas to focus on include electronics, on top of and below furniture, light fixtures, and ornaments.

    2. Change your bedding

    Beds are a common home to dust mites, which can cause allergies. To reduce dust, you should wash your bedding at least every fortnight (preferably weekly) and invest in hypoallergenic options. We know changing your sheets is a chore and a half, but it will help you sleep so much easier.

    3. Vacuum carpets and rugs

    Tiny carpet fibers are massive dust traps. Make sure to vacuum carpets and rugs once a week (you may want to vacuum even more regularly if you have pets). Meanwhile, give your cushions a thorough beating outside to loosen dirt and dust in the fabric.

    4. Remove unwanted clutter

    The more stuff you have, the more places there are for dust to gather. Homes look bigger and better without clutter anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Put anything you don’t need into storage

    5. Seal it up

    Here’s a hint that will save you space AND reduce dust: store bulky fabric items, such as clothing and bedding, in vacuum seal bags. Completely air-tight, there’s no way dust will get in there!

    6. Choose hardwood floors

    Carpets feel luxurious, but if you have the option, hardwood floors are the easiest to maintain. Dust doesn’t get trapped in wood and you can simply go over them with a mop to reduce dust.

    7. Check the clothes dryer

    It makes sense that clothes dryers collect a lot of dust (or lint). It’s crucial to clean out the filter after every cycle. After all, reducing dust is a minimal concern compared to starting a dryer fire.

    8. Use a damp cloth

    You don’t need harsh chemicals to get rid of dust, only a damp cloth (or even an old T-shirt). And never use a feather duster – all they do is stir the dust into the air. 

    9. Manage your pets

    Ideally, cats and dogs should be kept outside for a dust-free home. If that’s not an option, wash and brush your pets regularly. (Also, if you’re selling your home, make sure to find somewhere for your fur babies to live prior to and during viewings.)

    10. Invest in a dehumidifier

    Dust plaguing you? Tried everything? It may be time to get a dehumidifier. These appliances help reduce dust, odours, and (you guessed it) humidity. They’re a lifesaver in the hot Aussie summer.

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