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    Home Staging

    Professional Property Staging Maximises your Sale Price.

    Property Staging
    Stage your house for sale

    Home Staging aims to appeal to the widest range of buyers and inspire a lifestyle for potential buyers. With our Property Staging service, we hand-select furniture, accessories and colour palettes to curate spaces on both a short-term and long-term rental basis. 

    Return on Investment

    Helping homes sell faster – and for more – is something we’ve mastered at BOWERBIRD Interiors. We have styled over 10,000 properties since 2013, with 95% of those homes achieving a successful return on investment. We have an experienced team of Property Stylists ready to make your home as marketable as possible.

    Connect with Buyers

    Our aim is to make your house a home. With Home or House Staging, we ensure your space feels like a warm welcome, from the moment your buyers step in the door. We’re storytellers – carefully curating and placing little details that make potential buyers fall in love with the vision of living in your property. We know that nothing sells a home better than emotion. 

    Home Staging Packages

    We can provide flexible solutions for staging homes, whether you require assistance for an urgent sale or are searching for a long-term staging service. 

    • A complete on-site styling service 
    • Curated furniture and accessories 
    • Short turnaround times with a 72-hour minimum 
    • Full or partial House Staging available 
    • Short-term rentals of 1 to 12 months 
    • Long-term rentals of 12 to 36 months 
    • Seasonal refreshes for long-term services

    Property Staging is for All

    Property Styling (yet another name for it) has, in the past, been labelled as a luxury. It’s now something for every homeowner to consider. With over a decade of experience in the market, we know that styled properties sell faster and for a higher price, making Property Staging a worthy investment. 

    We also know selling your home is a pretty big deal. That’s why we offer free consultations and personalised proposals based on your property and needs. Or, if you simply want to find out more about Home Staging, simply contact us via the contact form below and one of our experienced Property Stylists will be in touch soon.

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      What is the difference between partial and full Home Staging?

      Where partial Home Staging might incorporate some of your own furniture and accessories together with our curated additions, full Home Staging includes the complete package. All furniture, accessories and artwork are hand selected, brought in and styled by our team to transform an empty home into one that buyers can’t wait to make their own.

      While we provide both options we always recommend choosing the full service when staging a house for sale, as this allows us to curate the most harmonious, cohesive result for your home.

      Why use professional Home Staging?

      When it comes to Home Staging in Sydney, professional knowledge is important even if you have exceptional taste yourself – or even if your home has been previously styled by Interior Designers. This is because Property Staging is a specific skill set in itself.

      Our professional Property Stylists know how to approach your home through the perspective of potential buyers. For years, we have been studying and perfecting what works for different properties and locations throughout Sydney and beyond. We have the understanding and techniques to open up spaces, working with the light within each space, and strategically working with the size and the shape of each space to highlight your home in the most inspiring and appealing way possible. Let our experience benefit your property sale.

      Who uses Property Staging services in Australia?

      Property Staging is commonly used by residential homeowners looking to enhance the outcome for their property sale. We also work together with commercial property owners and developers in Sydney. BOWERBIRD Interiors can provide design direction and curated furniture hire for staging within display homes and units, as well as investment properties and beloved family homes.

      Is Property Staging tax deductible in Australia?

      You may be able to deduct your Home Staging costs as a rental expense if the home is an investment property. Of course, it’s best to speak with your financial advisor about whether you will be able to make a claim for Property Staging.

      How is a style determined when staging a house for sale?

      The ideal styling choices for your property will depend on a range of factors, including architectural style and location. A luxurious coastal home will require a different approach to an Industrial inner-city retreat, for example. Our Property Stylists begin with a visit to your property or project and develop a personalised design scheme to reflect and honour each unique space. You can explore our previous projects to see what can be achieved for different properties.