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    16 June 2023

    Bowerbird Interiors has a Stadium-Sized Audience… So?

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    At Bowerbird Interiors, we pride ourselves on having a hugely loyal and engaged community, cross-platform. Our audience is made up of; existing clients, some of whom are homeowners, homesellers, agents, developers, and interior Design Fans, and then, of course, there are our aspiring future clients. 

    We know that building a brand and growing a business is all about connecting with your community, and as an Interior Design & Property Styling brand whose ambition is to build and foster long-term relationships with our real estate agent clients, we would like to develop collaborative initiatives to grow our partnership together, and in-turn grow our business. From showcasing properties to potential buyers in our community through visual storytelling, we believe that by collaborating, we can all thrive and grow in this competitive environment.

    Without an engaged audience who believes in your brand, it’s hard to make an impact, am I right? Fortunately, our social media following supports the notion that connecting with an audience paves the road to growth and success. We have 108,000 followers on Instagram and 11,000 followers on Facebook. The foundation of our social success has been built on our ability to deliver content they love. 

    We believe that by extending this reach to real estate agents through collaboration, we can all work together to increase our audience and grow as like-minded brands. 

    In today’s world where community and storytelling play a vital role in building brand awareness, we encourage our real estate community to collaborate with us and make the most of our platform to help grow our dual businesses. We do things differently. Together, we can create beautiful experiences for our target audience, and strengthen our position in the industry. Let’s work together to create a strong sense of belonging, foster true relationships, and build a real estate community that supports each other!

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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