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    16 March 2023

    Stylish, space-saving ideas for your kids’ bedroom

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    Is it possible to create a kids’ bedroom that’s stylish while also saving on space? We certainly think so. Here are our top tips.

    A sweet place to sleep

    When it comes to optimising space in style, and deciding what to include in a kid’s bedroom, a suitable bed is the best place to begin. And, although investing in a mattress that is both age-size appropriate and large enough to accommodate your child as they grow is important, so too is the bedframe in which they sit. 

    Novelty beds – such as those shaped like race cars – are certainly fun. But, run the risk of dating quickly among children with a tendency to lose interest quickly. 

    Instead, our suggestion is to invest in a more classically shaped kid’s bed. Examples include a platform bed (which sits close to the floor making it accessible for little legs), cabin beds that feature inbuilt storage solutions, or even a quality bunk bed – which can be used as two-stand alone beds or stacked to save space, according to your family’s needs. And then use accessories to update its appearance. 

    You could try crisp navy striped sheets to create a nautical look for aspiring sailors, plush pink pillows for those passionate about the princess life, or loosely draping the bedhead with a leopard-print throw to channel jungle vibes. 

    Storage solutions to keep your kids’ room clean

    As well as buying beds with built-in storage, such as hidden bookcases and shelving units included in the frame, functional furnishings can help to save space in your kids’ bedroom – and ensure it looks stylish in the process. 

    These include a multipurpose chest, floating shelves, drawer inserts and hooks on the backs of doors to ensure there is “a place for everything and everything is in its place.

    Snooze in style: How to make a bedroom cosy for kids?

    Finally, to optimise space in a kids’ bedroom while keeping it stylish, get smart with styling.

    To start, pick a theme that complements both the child’s personality and the rest of your home. Then, choose a few pieces that showcase your child’s individual interests. Try a feature bookshelf with rows of colour-coordinated novels, wicker baskets and wooden trunks which make a pretty (and practical way) to keep toys packed away, or an easy-to-update art gallery, featuring framed versions of their personal works – which prove that creating a kid’s bedroom that’s both stylish and space optimised is child’s play!

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