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    26 June 2024

    Let’s Talk Kitchens

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    Today, we’re excited to share three of our favourite kitchens that we’ve styled in recent Property Styling and Interior Design projects: Newtown, Bateau Bay, and Highforest. Each kitchen has its unique charm and character, and we’ve enjoyed bringing out the best in each one with our styling choices.


    This kitchen is the epitome of moody elegance. It features a stunning dark stone splashback and benchtop that immediately draws the eye. The silver tapware adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly complementing the dark-tone timber cabinetry. To let these features take centre stage, we opted for minimal styling. The clean lines and the rich, dark materials speak for themselves, creating a space that feels both luxurious and inviting. 

    Bateau Bay

    This kitchen beautifully balances timber cabinetry with a cool-toned stone splashback. The combination of these elements creates a harmonious and welcoming ambience that we loved enhancing. We added touches of greenery to bring life and freshness into the space, making it feel even more inviting. Keeping the styling neutral and simple was key to maintaining the kitchen’s warm and cosy atmosphere. The greenery not only adds a pop of colour but also creates a connection to nature, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.


    The styling of this kitchen stands out for its seamless design integration with the rest of the house. The design direction flows effortlessly into the kitchen, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. We incorporated earthy rusty oranges and greens to add pops of colour, infusing the space with warmth and vibrancy. A statement bunch of botanical Australian flowers adds softness and a touch of nature, balancing the earthy tones beautifully, and ultimately, bringing the outside in. 

    Each one of these kitchens presents unique opportunities to highlight their best features while adding our styling touches. From the moody elegance of Newtown to the welcoming ambience of Bateau Bay and the design harmony of Highforest by Mirvac, these kitchens showcase the beauty of thoughtful design and styling. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of our favourite kitchen projects and feel inspired by the beautiful possibilities in kitchen design.

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