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    30 March 2023

    How to style an old property

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    Styling an older property is always a delicate balance.

    You want the home to look fresh, but too many modern details can take away from the unique qualities of a period property. Styling older properties is something we have a lot of experience in at BOWERBIRD, so here are some of our best tips.

    Focus on function

    One of the ways to decide whether to keep an older feature or update it to a newer version is to test its function. Got a sofa with depressed, musty cushions? It might be time to find a newer model. Rusted over tapware? Upgrade to new fixtures, but keep in mind that many places stock vintage styles that won’t look out of place in your home.

    Preserve period features

    It’s important to keep the original features of a period property – this may even be regulated, so check with your contract and/or local council before making any changes to the “bones” of the building. A bit of polish or plaster can get old features looking their best again, but make sure to hire a professional with the right knowledge and materials that won’t cause any damage.

    Respect imperfections

    Some people pay top dollar for furniture and decor with an antique look. Don’t feel like you have to buff away all signs of wear and tear – we call this patina in the interiors world, and it’s highly sought after.

    All about accessories

    You may not want – or be allowed to – update period features such as fireplaces, built-in storage or mouldings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own modern flair, especially with smaller pieces of decor which are simple to add and swap out. Stack a vintage sofa with new embellished cushions and pop contemporary art on your mantle, to name a couple of 21st-century twists. 

    Learn the art of interiors

    Inspired to style your own home – or the homes of others?  Why not learn the art of interiors! We’ve teamed up with renowned educators, iscd the International School of Colour+Design, to offer their students an exclusive opportunity to experience the styling and design industry, firsthand.

    If you’re considering a career in interiors, simply head over to iscd, or, our Industry Placement Program page to find out more details! Or get in touch via the contact form.

    Need more help? Contact our Sydney interior designers to help you curate, source and install beautiful furniture packages to bring the character of your property to life.

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