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    13 June 2024

    Coffee Table Styling: How To

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    Styling a coffee table is an art that balances aesthetics with functionality, transforming an ordinary piece into a captivating focal point. Drawing from our projects, here are some tailored tips to help you master the art of coffee table styling.

    First, let’s start with the basics. See some of our top tips when it comes to styling a coffee table below: 

    Scale and Proportion: Consider the size of your table and choose accessories that complement its scale. Avoid oversized items that can overwhelm the space.

    Groupings: Use the rule of threes. Group items in odd numbers, as it’s more visually appealing. For instance, a small plant, a decorative bowl, and a book can create a balanced look.

    Height Variation: Incorporate items of varying heights to create visual interest. A tall vase, a medium-sized candle, and a low tray can add dimension and depth.

    Layering: Use trays to group smaller items together, which can help in creating a cohesive look and also make it easier to move items when needed.

    Personal Touch: Add personal items like a favourite book or a small piece of art. This not only makes the table unique but also adds a personal connection to the styling.

    Now… Here are some of our favourite examples… 

    Monochrome Magic

    In our Interior Design project in Henley, we embraced a monochrome palette, playing with shades of black and white to create a striking look. The coffee table was rectangular, allowing ample space to experiment with various elements. We curated a selection of books and a board game, strategically placing them to fill the table without cluttering it. This approach not only added visual interest but also encouraged interaction, making the table both stylish and functional. To replicate this at home, consider using a mix of monochrome accessories, ensuring a harmonious blend that complements your overall décor.

    Coastal Luxe Charm

    Now onto a completely different ambience… our coastal project showcased how to blend luxe finishes with a relaxed aesthetic. We chose coastal decor items like coral and a design book to evoke a serene seaside feel. To add depth and contrast, we included a black Vogue styling book, which anchored the lighter elements and added a touch of depth. This balance of light and dark elements created a dynamic yet cohesive look. When styling your coffee table, think about the theme you want to convey and select items that reflect that narrative while providing contrast and interest.

    Minimalist Elegance

    Minimalism was key in this Property Styling project, where the surrounding furniture and a statement couch dictated a more restrained approach. Here, less was truly more. We used only two coffee table books, one black and one white, allowing the beauty of the table and the statement piece behind it to shine. This minimalist method can be incredibly effective, particularly in spaces where the coffee table isn’t the main attraction but still needs to contribute to the overall aesthetic. When styling minimally, choose pieces that are striking on their own and can carry the space without overwhelming it.

    Timber Showcase

    In an Interior Design project in Cronulla, we featured a stunning timber coffee table. To ensure the timber remained the star, we opted for monochrome accessories. This decision not only emphasised the texture and grain of the wood but also maintained a clean and cohesive look. When working with a prominent material like timber, let it breathe by keeping accessories simple and within a limited colour palette. This will allow the natural beauty of the material to stand out.

    Styling a coffee table is an opportunity to showcase your personality and design sensibilities. Whether you’re embracing a monochrome palette, coastal charm, minimalist elegance, or highlighting natural materials, these tips will help you create a coffee table that is both beautiful and functional.

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